Gryphos introduces Shaderific for Metal for iPad

Gryphos rolls out Shaderific for Metal, a new iPad app for shader development using Apple's Metal API. Shaderific allows anyone to develop shaders with the Metal Shading Language (MSL) on mobile devices. Shaderifc for Metal provides a versatile code editor with support for syntax highlighting, code completion with integrated documentation and keyboard shortcuts for external keyboards. Shader files can be created, edited and compiled on the device and all changes are visible instantly.

Shaderific for Metal helps streamline the process of prototyping, testing as well as debugging shaders by cutting the cord to the personal computer. Since the shaders are edited and compiled right on the iPad, no file transfer is necessary with your Mac. A further strength lies in the possibility to change parameters of the shaders via the menu without interrupting the rendering loop. All changes can easily be examined in real-time. Fine-tuning the rendering is incredibly fast and easy. Shaderific for Metal is $19.99 (USD) and can be downloaded from the App Store.


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