Easily Save and Organize Any Sort of Content on iOS

Aram Miquel has announced Pile - Bookmarks Reimagined 1.0.3, a new content organization app for the iOS devices. Pile allows you to keep any type of content. It features a drag-and-drop interface to organize the content the way you want it. You can organize any content using folders, with the ability to create curated lists of any type. You can also collaborate with other users by sharing folders and notes. Invited users can also add and organize their content in the shared folders or notes.

The app's minimalist interface allows the user's content be the protagonist. Pile cards can be easily organized by dragging and dropping them into any order you wish. You can organize content using folders, or if you wish, simply create a very long list of favorite items. Pile's search functionality allows users to easily find items when needed. Items can be found and viewed, even if there is no available internet connection. Pile is privacy-focused, as Pile's data base is saved to iCloud, meaning only the user has access to the content. Pile's iCloud functionality allows data to be automatically synchronized between all of a user's iOS devices. Pile - Bookmarks Reimagined 1.0.3 is Free and can be downloaded from the App Store.


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