BatchOutput DOC Now Supports Apple Silicon M1 Processor

Zevrix Solutions rolls out BatchOutput DOC 2.5.20, a compatibility update to their output automation utility for Microsoft Word. The only Office tool of its kind for the Mac platform, BatchOutput automates printing and exporting to PDF from Word. The app offers batch printing, variable file names, PDF security, single page export and much more. In addition to batch printing, BatchOutput DOC lets anyone carry out professional PDF production directly from Word by bringing advanced PDF creation options right to their fingertips.

The new adds native support for Apple's M1 processor, enabling Mac users with Apple's Silicon processor to use BatchOutput DOC on their device without hardware emulation. With the recent release of M1 compatible version of Microsoft Office, BatchOutput DOC users can take full advantage of the performance and efficiency offered by the Apple Silicon chip. BatchOutput DOC is part of the Zevrix BatchOutput family of products, which include output automation solutions for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and PDF workflows. BatchOutput DOC 2.5.20 is $19.95 (USD) and can be downloaded from their Website.


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