Notebooks adds iCloud Sync Supporting Custom Storage Locations

Indie developer, Alfons Schmid announces Notebooks 11, a major update to his writing, text processing, task management and file organization app for iiOS devices. Notebooks provides space to store and organize files and documents, and it even supports complex task management. By breaking separate items into tasks and assigning them to their designated lists, Notebooks offers a unique combination of tools that supports an uninterrupted train of thought while creating documents, or even brainstorming ideas.

This important update offers full compatibility with iCloud Drive. Anyone can set up Notebooks to keep its documents on iCloud and automatically sync them between devices. Users also have the option to select any folder on their iPad or iPhone, on iCloud or on a connected drive or USB stick as a storage location, offering maximum flexibility and data security. Notebooks 11 also provides an option to manage one set of documents in Notebooks' local storage, and another set on iCloud Drive, offering a convenient way of separating business documents from private files from public records. Notebooks 11 is $7.99 USD and can be downloaded from the App Store.


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