macOS/iOS Search Solution - FoxTrot Search 7.1 released

CTM Development rolls out FoxTrot Search for macOS. Available in Personal, Professional, Server editions the aim of FoxTrot Search is to offer the fastest, most precise and reliable way to find what you are looking for on a Mac. This includes PDF, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and over 300 other document indexed types. There is also an optional app to enjoy similar searching of indexed files complete with embedded PDF, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and email content on iOS and iPadOS.

Version 7.1 offers excellent performance improvements, especially on Apple Silicon and Intel Macs with multi-core processors and SSD drives. FoxTrot Search offers a new approach to finding, focusing more on categorization and less on keywords. There is also a rewritten date categorizer, plus new filename and visibility categorizers, as well as an enhanced, cached thumbnail view to provide instant contact-sheet type browsing. There are more than twenty-five other enhancements since version 6, FoxTrot Search 7.1 is available as a free evaluation for 30 days and can be downloaded from their Website.


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