Output Factory Server Improves International Preflighting

Zevrix Solutions rolls out Output Factory Server 3.0.25, an update to their output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory Server provides publishers, printers and prepress companies with conveyor-style output facilities that save InDesign operators countless hours of tedious repetitive tasks. This popular solution automates printing and exporting from InDesign through hot folders processing, enabling companies to serve unlimited users on a network with a single software installation.

The new update addresses an issue in which some preflight settings weren't synced with preflight results returned by international (non-English) versions of InDesign. Output Factory now translates the preflight output automatically on all locales, which allows to correctly apply user-defined workflow rules to InDesign files that didn't pass the selected preflight checks. Output Factory Server is intended to run on a dedicated Mac station and serve unlimited users on a network via watched hot folders. Output Factory Server 3.0.25 is $699.95 (USD), and can be downloaded from their Website.


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