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Fitmanual – Helps Users Complete the Apple Watch Activity Ring

Developer Jan Roskosch has released Fitmanual 1.5, a combination Apple Watch and iPhone app that calculates a user’s burned calories for workouts and activities at which they could not take their Apple Watch with them. Once the calories are calculated, they are added to the Activity Ring in order to allow users to make their daily goal. The app tracks 25 activities. Read more

Carl Can Divide – A Brainteasing Math Challenge for Kids 10 and Up

codeDependent Software has released Carl Can Divide 1.0, their entertaining and challenging math game for iOS devices. The app offers children 10 and up a series of math challenges, as they help Carl the friendly fish make it through the ocean by proving their knowledge of division, square roots, and prime numbers. Read more

CountUp for iOS – Count Anything with Your iPhone

Countup LLC has released CountUp – The Connected Counter 2.8 the latest version of their cloud based counting platform for iOS and Android devices. CountUp allows users to count virtually anything, from attendance at a ballgame, to the number of cars traveling a road, to an unlimited number of counting possibilities. Read more

PadKeys 2.0 – Custom Keyboard for iPad Offers New Features

Natural Designs Software has released PadKeys Keyboard 2.0 for iPad, which includes a number of new features for their popular virtual keyboard. The keyboard offers an ergonomic layout, to provide number, punctuation, and cursor keys in accustomed places, and to also display expanded autocorrect suggestions. Read more

Jump! A Challenging Game of Numbers for iOS Devices

Jump! A Game of Numbers is the latest challenging educational game from Artgig Apps, creators of award-winning kids educational apps. When playing Jump! players must save the little Snortles who have been blasted form their volcano home, and have been scattered across the sea. Players get from shore to shore by jumping sequentially from number to number, rescuing the Snortles along the way. Read more

Play.My.Way 1.1 for iOS and Android Makes Kids Earn Their Device Time

If you’ve ever wanted a way to control how much time your kids spend “playing ” on their iOS or Android devices, and want to make sure they’re actually learning their lessons at school, you’ll want to take a look at Play.My.Way, the app that periodically interrupts whatever your child is doing on their device, and doesn’t allow them to return to it until they answer an educational question. Read more

Share Secure, Encrypted Texts, Videos and More With InnerGroup for iOS

Indie developer Santo Porpiglia has released InnerGroup 2.12, his app for iOS and Android devices that allows a group of invited users to send end-to-end encrypted texts, videos, picture messages, and audio to each other, with no fear of server breaches, spam, or of information falling into the wrong hands. Read more

SuperScreenshot for Mac OS X offers Dropbox and Trello Integration

SuperApp is offering up an app for Mac OS X that can allow users to handily create screenshots, add text & arrows, circles, lines, and hand drawings, and then quickly share the results with other users via email, Dropbox, or Trello. SuperScreenshot 1.1.2 for Mac offers a quick and easy way to capture, annotate, and share screenshots directly from your Mac. Read more