Professional Weather App for iOS Offers Advanced Tools for Meteorologists

Gaucho Software has released Seasonality Pro 1.1, the latest update to its professional weather app developed for iOS devices. Seasonality pro offers a powerful tool for meteorologists allowing them to view and analyze weather model forecast data. The new version adds a new Particle Mode map layer to show the wind field from the surface to the upper atmosphere, an easy new way to animate maps over a longer period of time, and full support for multitasking on iOS 9.

The app’s Particle Mode has always an animated view of thousands of particles that display the motion of the wind at the surface. Version 1.1 can now display the wind at any modeled level of the atmosphere. This allows keeping tack of the jetstream and other upper air conditions.

Seasonality’s update also offers an improved time bar which offers the ability to “pinch” in and out on the time bar, offering the ability to animate over hours, days, or anywhere in-between. The app automatically loads just enough data to draw the animation quickly, making it simple to narrow in on the desired time period for study.

Seasonality Pro 1.1 is $5.99, and is available for iOS devices in the App Store. Current customers can upgrade for free.

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