Jump! A Challenging Game of Numbers for iOS Devices

Jump! A Game of Numbers is the latest challenging educational game from Artgig Apps, creators of award-winning kids educational apps. When playing Jump! players must save the little Snortles who have been blasted form their volcano home, and have been scattered across the sea. Players get from shore to shore by jumping sequentially from number to number, rescuing the Snortles along the way.

Jump!’s game engine adapt sthe challenge for each player, so no game plays the same way twice, and stays challenging for all players. The count begins with 1s and 2s, but soon players will be counting by 7s and 8s, and things get really challenging!

Jo Booth of Teachers With Apps, expands on the academic virtues of the game “It is not merely drilling math facts, integration is ensured through play and lateral thinking. You see it’s all about saving the Snortles, and the play brings automaticity in learning. It’s nice too, that you can use this game as a warm up by playing a few levels or just going at it for the fun of it.”

Jump! A Game of Numbers 1.0 is $2.99, and is available in the App Store.

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