PadKeys 2.0 – Custom Keyboard for iPad Offers New Features

Natural Designs Software has released PadKeys Keyboard 2.0 for iPad, which includes a number of new features for their popular virtual keyboard. The keyboard offers an ergonomic layout, to provide number, punctuation, and cursor keys in accustomed places, and to also display expanded autocorrect suggestions.

Padkeys was created because typing on an iPad in landscape mode can be a great experience until the user needs to enter a number or symbol. Padkeys eliminates the need to switch keyboard views to enter these characters, instead using the iPad’s increased screen real estate to display the extra keys.

Padkeys also puts a set of dedicated cursor keys in the traditional bottom-right location for easy cursor movement. Padkeys also uses the entire width of the iPad screen to display an increased number of word autosuggestions, in the place of the usual three.

“PadKeys was stimulated by personal need,” says Adrian Robert, founder and lead developer at Natural Designs, “But clearly I was not alone. Our users have expressed great satisfaction and gratitude for the product, and our ratings are among the highest on the App Store for any custom keyboard. PadKeys has been most popular with users in English-speaking countries and in Germany, but we have a good following in several other European countries as well.”

PadKeys Keyboard 2.0 is available for the iPad for $1.99 in the App Store.

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