CountUp for iOS – Count Anything with Your iPhone

Countup LLC has released CountUp – The Connected Counter 2.8 the latest version of their cloud based counting platform for iOS and Android devices. CountUp allows users to count virtually anything, from attendance at a ballgame, to the number of cars traveling a road, to an unlimited number of counting possibilities.

CountUp offers the simplicity of hand-held clicker counters, but also offers the ability to be used by more than one user, and also offers the ability to track by location, adding each count to a “collection,” which can be made up of a group of counters. All data is stored in the cloud, and all users can work offline, and sync the data later when they have access to an Internet connection.

Version 2.8 offer the following features:
* Track location of each count in a counter or a collection (i.e. a group of counters) via a map interface with a draggable marker for more accurate location tracking
* Use form fields (e.g. text boxes) in counters to rapidly collect data for surveys, inventory, etc.
* Swipe on counters to open a quick menu to view data, add users to a team, change settings, and delete counters
* Export data (e.g. form fields, location, addresses) as a .CSV spreadsheet file for further analysis, and for creating graphs and charts
* Control which individual team members can access data

CountUp – The Connected Counter 2.8 is free, and is available worldwide through the App Store. An Android version is also available, through Google Play.

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