Fitmanual – Helps Users Complete the Apple Watch Activity Ring

Developer Jan Roskosch has released Fitmanual 1.5, a combination Apple Watch and iPhone app that calculates a user’s burned calories for workouts and activities at which they could not take their Apple Watch with them. Once the calories are calculated, they are added to the Activity Ring in order to allow users to make their daily goal. The app tracks 25 activities.

Users may not always want to wear their Watch for some of their more strenuous activities, if you’re swimming, or playing tackle football, or boxing, you’ll likely not wear your Watch for fear of damaging it. Fitmanual allows you to enter your weight, the activity, and duration of the activity, and calculates the amount of calories burned.

Activities Fitmanual can calculate include:
* Aerobic
* American Football
* Badminton
* Basketball
* Canoeing
* Handball
* Hockey
* Judo
* Karate
* Kick boxing
* Rowing
* Rugby
* Sailing
* Skiing
* Snowboarding
* Soccer
* Squash
* Swimming, slow
* Swimming, medium
* Swimming, fast
* Tennis
* Volleyball
* Windsurfing
* Wateraerobic
* Waterskiing

Fitmanual 1.5 is available in the App Store for $2.99.

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