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Ruby Hunt Offers Players a Fast-Paced 3D Adventure Challenge

Reliabit,LLC has released Ruby Hunt 1.0.5, an update to their fast paced 3D action adventure game designed exclusively for iOS devices. The game offers players the challenge of climbing mountains, and exploring islands, all while attempting to collect rubies while avoiding boulders. The game offers 10 exciting levels. Read more

Vitamin-R 2.39 for OS X Adds AppleScript Support

Publicspace has released Vitamin-R 2.39, an update to their popular Pomodoro time management tool for Mac OS X. The app breaks down large tasks into a series of short 10 to 30 minute slices, creating specific, easily definable and reachable objectives. This helps improve focus and prevent procrastination. The new version of the app adds support for executing AppleScript actions at strategic points in the time slices. Read more

PikShare 1.0.4 for iOS Offers Global Social Networking

PikShare 1.0.4, the popular social networking app for iOS devices, now offers a global feed, offering anonymous full screen photos from around the world. No login or signup is required. The most recent posts are always displayed first, offering a live look at what’s going down around the globe. Read more

VeprIT Offers Public Preview of Popular Batch Photo Enhancement Software for Mac

VeprIT has launched a public beta of Photo Sense 2 for Mac, their powerful, but easy to use non-destructive batch photo enhancement solution. The app offers automatic photo improvement, in addition to user controlled adjustments and creative effects. it offers a number of easy to use, yet powerful tools to improve photos. Read more

Le Menu Dit 2.0 Menu Translator Offers Improved Translation and User Interface

Creekcats has updated their popular French menu translator for iOS devices. The app allows French-speaking travelers to take a photo of an English restaurant menu, resulting in a translation of the menu, allowing them to understand and order from an English menu. Version 2.0 offers a larger translation dictionary, improved translation engine, and more. Read more

Get a 50% Off Discount on LinkOptimizer for Adobe InDesign at BitsDuJour

For one day only, LinkOptimizer, the popular workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign by Zevrix Solutions, is available for 50% off. Discount website BitsDuJour is offering the huge discount for one day only, March 8. The app helps reduce InDesign link size, eliminate excess image data, convert image colors, formats and more, resulting in savings of gigabytes of disk space, reduced production time, and more. Read more

Take Advantage of DVD-Fab’s 30% Off Spring Break Promotion

Fengtao Software has kicked-off its Spring Break Promotion of 2016, offering up to a 30% discount on all of the lifetime versions of its Copy, Ripper, Converter and Creator modules, which form a complete solution.

The promotion also includes a 25% coupon applicable on its No.1 bestseller DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift that comes along with a $20 Amazon Gift Card as a free gift. The promotion ends on March 22nd.   Read more

Time Out 2 for Mac Helps Users Remember to Take Much Needed Breaks

Users who have a difficult time making themselves take breaks when they should are encouraged to look into Deja Systems’ recently updated Time Out 2 app for Mac OS X. The app reminds users to take periodic breaks, allowing them to take the much-needed time to stretch, relax, and unwind a bit.

Time Out offers two default types of breaks, a Normal” break occurs once each hour, and lasts 10 minutes, allowing the chance for users to get up and stretch walk around. “Micro” breaks occur every 15 minutes and last 15 seconds, allowing users to adjust their posture, and look away from the screen to give their eyes a break. Read more