Samaritan iPhone and Apple Watch App Makes Driving Safer

Blue Eyes Innovation LLC has released Samaritan 1.0, their new navigation app for iOS devices. The new app uses a driver’s iPhone and Apple Watch to automatically detect if an accident has occurred, and sends out a distress alert if needed. Users store their emergency contact information. Once an accident has occurred, users receive a prompt to contact their emergency contact, either via email or direct call.

Samaritan Features include:
* Automatically detects accidents and sends out distress alerts – based on user’s health condition
* Prompts users to slow down if they exceed speed limits on a road
* Stores user trip history to encourage safe driving
* Map view with bread crumbs to capture user’s route
* Ability to share driving experience on Twitter and Facebook

Emails to emergency contacts will automatically include the user’s exact location, and a message to the recipient that the user may be in trouble. The app can also encourage safe driving by alerting drivers if they exceed speed limits on the road they are traveling on. The app screen changes from blue to red if a driver exceeds the speed limit by either 5 or 10 MPH. If the iPhone is locked, users will get a notification on both their iPhone and Apple Watch to slow down.

Users can also track and record a trip, showing the route on the map, relevant information about the user’s driving patterns, sharable on Facebook and Twitter. users can then browse a history of saved trips.

Samaritan 1.0 is free, and is available for iPhone and Apple Watch devices in the App Store.

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