Time Out 2 for Mac Helps Users Remember to Take Much Needed Breaks

Users who have a difficult time making themselves take breaks when they should are encouraged to look into Deja Systems’ recently updated Time Out 2 app for Mac OS X. The app reminds users to take periodic breaks, allowing them to take the much-needed time to stretch, relax, and unwind a bit.

Time Out offers two default types of breaks, a Normal” break occurs once each hour, and lasts 10 minutes, allowing the chance for users to get up and stretch walk around. “Micro” breaks occur every 15 minutes and last 15 seconds, allowing users to adjust their posture, and look away from the screen to give their eyes a break.

During a break, Time Out dims the screen, and displays a customizable break screen. Breaks can be postponed, or skipped, offering user flexibility on the fly. Users can also set breaks not to occur when various apps are loaded, or are running in the front of other apps.

The app displays the remaining time until the next break, and can also display an icon indicating the type of break that is upcoming, all in the menu bar on your Mac’s desktop. Time Out can also run scripts, display a notification, speak text, or play a sound before, during, or after a break.

Version 2 offers these new features:

* Optional countdown to the next break displayed in the menu bar
* An option to hide the icon in the Mac’s Dock
* The ability to add additional breaks
* Customization options for themes shown during breaks
* Breaks at fixed times
* Support for natural breaks, when the computer is idle
* Customizable global keyboard shortcuts to defer and start breaks
* More actions to notify of impending breaks
* Much more

Time Out 2 is free, and is available in the Mac App Store, or directly from the Dejal Systems website. Advanced features are available via in-app donations. For more information, visit the Dejal Systems website.

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