Le Menu Dit 2.0 Menu Translator Offers Improved Translation and User Interface

Creekcats has updated their popular French menu translator for iOS devices. The app allows French-speaking travelers to take a photo of an English restaurant menu, resulting in a translation of the menu, allowing them to understand and order from an English menu. Version 2.0 offers a larger translation dictionary, improved translation engine, and more.

Le Menu Dit is designed for on specific job, to translate menus. This results in an app, that while it may be considered a one-trick pony, can translate menus better than any general translation app available on iOS devices today. The idea for the app came to the developer while vacationing with his family. Facing language barriers, and having no convenient way to translate a menu, he was met with a less than satisfactory dining experience. He began working on the app upon his return home.

“The original version of Le Menu Dit was well received by users, and we were very happy with the initial reception,” says Phil Price, inventor of the app. “Since launch, our users and some reviewers gave us so much useful feedback, that it inspired us to create this update for the app. The new version offers an expanded menu vocabulary, as well as an improved translation engine. We can’t wait to see what our users think of this latest version.”

* Translates English menus to French, using a photo of the menu
* Works without an internet connection
* Includes over 37,800 menu-related words and phrases
* Displays translated words in a bold font, perfect for travelers 55 and older
* Shows each line of the menu with its translation immediately below, so it’s easy to match each item to its translation.
* Saves results, so users can easily go back and forth through pages of a menu
* Includes a built-in flashlight function for use in low-light conditions
* Shares translation results via email or Facebook with an available Internet connection

Le Menu Dit 2.0 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category. It can be launched three times for free, and several menu pages can be processed with a single launch of the app, so a user can use the app for several meals for free. They will then need to unlock the app via a convenient in-app purchase. Options for premium features include one week’s usage for $0.99, or unlimited usage for $2.99. [DOWNLOAD IT HERE]

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