VeprIT Offers Public Preview of Popular Batch Photo Enhancement Software for Mac

VeprIT has launched a public beta of Photo Sense 2 for Mac, their powerful, but easy to use non-destructive batch photo enhancement solution. The app offers automatic photo improvement, in addition to user controlled adjustments and creative effects. it offers a number of easy to use, yet powerful tools to improve photos.

Photo Sense 2 Beta Feature Highlights:
* Efficient automatic-first photo enhancement workflow – The user only needs to adjust the auto enhancement imperfections, if any, rather than doing everything from scratch
* Quick and easy basic adjustments in batch mode
* More advanced adjustments on image by image basis
* Creative effects applied with a single click in batch mode
* Creative effects customization on image by image basis
* Combining and customizable blending of various creative effects
* Batch image metadata editing
* Image settings synchronization, including automatic and advanced adjustments, crop & straighten configuration, creative effects with their custom settings, and metadata
* Batch rotation and flipping
* Flexible output filename generator allowing to use image metadata fields and other dynamic data
* Powerful resizing engine allowing to constrain the exported image dimensions, megapixel count, or even file size
* Custom export presets defining the filename generation options, image format, and image size constraints
* Non-destructive operation
* Simple and efficient user interface

With the beta release, VeprIT hopes to receive user feedback and suggestions for improvements and features of the updated Photo Sense 2 app. During the final development period Photo Sense 2 Beta is available for free at the product webpage. The length of this period is not defined yet, and depends on the remaining development effort, and the amount and nature of user feedback. VeprIT expects the beta period to last at least 3 months.

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