Vitamin-R 2.39 for OS X Adds AppleScript Support

Publicspace has released Vitamin-R 2.39, an update to their popular Pomodoro time management tool for Mac OS X. The app breaks down large tasks into a series of short 10 to 30 minute slices, creating specific, easily definable and reachable objectives. This helps improve focus and prevent procrastination. The new version of the app adds support for executing AppleScript actions at strategic points in the time slices.

Vitamin-R slices up daunting tasks into smaller, manageable chunks, promotes a higher focus, gets users started faster, and keeps them going, has a built-in “breadcrumbing” techniques that keeps multi-taskers pick up where they left off, and more. The app also offers regular breaks, offering the opportunity to refresh the brain, and actually improve productivity. The app also helps users find their own individual rhythm to eliminate unproductive work patterns.

Version 2 also brought a re-designed user experience,  two finger swipe navigation, an un-dockable main window, a new recent and default objectives pop-up, tag- and time-based reporting and statistics, integration of motivational statistics into the workflow, as well as many other improvements and refinements.

The single user version of Vitamin-R is available for $24.99 (USD) from the Mac App Store and for $24.95 (USD) from the publicspace web store. The web store also offers Family, Business and Enterprise licensing and customers may chose to include a “forever upgrade” with their purchase. Each Vitamin-R web store purchase includes a free license for its companion product, Noise Machine, which is also available separately starting at $4.95 (USD).

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