Fy Offers a Unique Shopping Experience for iOS Users

Project J Ltd has released Fy 2.1 for iOS, its innovative new discovery app for iOS. The app offers a beautifully simple, easy-to-use mobile shopping experience, offering customers jewelry, accessories, watches, stationery and tech accessories all in one handy shopping app.

Fy products are personally curated by co-Founder and Chief Scout Fyona Kovero, who is always on the hunt for that unique showstopper. She believes that dressing up should be fun & that ‘special’ should be both accessible and affordable. “Accessories can make a look, but for many women, they’re the last addition to an outfit” says Fyona, “The pieces you’ll buy from Fy aren’t just accessories you pick up on the high street: they’re made to be the centre of attention. Plus, Fy is a truly unique mobile shopping app that finally makes shopping on your phone simple, fun and addictive”.

Customers will find new and exciting products each time they open the app. Fy works directly with over 200 of the most creative emerging brands and provides a whole ecosystem of services to help support their growth.  All products have been selected for their high quality and unique design. Customers can conveniently store their credit card information in the app, so checking out is a metter of a simple tap.

Fy 2.1 is free, and is available for iOS device in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]

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