Smile Launches – Apps for Mac, iOS, Windows Beta

Developer Smile today announced the launch of, the easy way to share snippets across a team. In addition new app versions of TextExpander 6 for Mac, TextExpander 4 for iPhone and iPad, and the new TextExpander for Windows were alse released. TextExpander is the popular app that allows users to keep all their text snippets handy and current on all of their devices, and share them across a whole team of users.

What’s New:
* Integrated TextExpander account and Apps
* Use current snippets on all your devices
* Share snippets easily with coworkers and friends
* Set editing permissions for shared snippets
* Set up an Organization to easily manage sharing across your team
* Automatically join an Organization using your company email address
* Automatically share company snippets with anyone who joins your Organization
* New Windows app (currently in beta)
* Beautiful new app look and feel
* New snippet editing toolbar
* New app icon

TextExpander features:
* Insert standard greetings, text, and signatures, including formatted text and pictures
* Type custom abbreviations that expand to longer “snippets” of text and images
* Correct typos automatically (Add them to your snippet library and/or use one of the included AutoCorrect snippet groups for English, French or German)
* Suggests snippets from phrases you habitually type
* Use fill-in-the-blank snippets to create custom forms with multiple field types and sections
* Position the cursor wherever you want in your expanded snippet
* Automatically insert clipboard content in a snippet
* Organize snippets into groups
* Search snippets from menu bar or via keyboard shortcut

TextExpander is $4.95 (USD) per month for individuals on the Life Hacker plan. Current TextExpander users receive a 50% loyalty discount for their first year. TextExpander is $9.95 per user per month for the Team plan.

For more information, visit the TextExpander website. For more information about TextExpander + Keyboard 4.0, visit the App Store.

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