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Word Dance Allows iOS Users to Create Word Cloud Videos

Design Luscinia will release Word Dance, their new cloud word generator developed exclusively for iOS devices on June 5th. Word Dance users can create videos of word clouds that morph between different shapes. The resulting video makes a great intro and such for video blogs and presentations.


“Word Dance explores the possibilities of when design, video effects, and language all collide for one visual product,” said Jack Goossen, CEO of Design Luscinia. “It is primarily targeted to younger audiences who are able to absorb information and visual impressions through video-generated content today. The easy to use app is incredibly entertaining and mesmerizing for any viewer.”

Word Dance will retail for $2.99 in the App Store.

Henry The Little Fish 4.0 for iOS Offers Interactive Storytelling for Kids

Pipit Press has released Henry The Little Fish 4.0, an update to their popular interactive storybook app for iOS devices.

Follow Henry as he encounters a variety of other fish. Henry shows them his special treasure, and makes many new friends along the way. As well as an updated and expanded storyline, version 4.0 includes a completely new user interface with pages that turn like a real book. Children can choose to read the story themselves, or have the narrator read to them.

The app’s storyline focuses on friendship and family. As a child often does, Henry becomes instant friends with the other fish he meets, no matter their differences.


Readers can enjoy the story in two different ways:
* Read & Play – Each page includes interactive elements with a noticeable sparkle in the same place on every page, so that young readers always know where to click. Or:
* Read To Me – Full narration allows young readers to become immersed in the story. The interactive fun begins on each page just as the narrator finishes reading.


* Family friendly storybook app
* Pages turn just like a real book
* Interactive – with a click, the reader can trigger animations on each page
* Clearly narrated, but readers can also choose the non-narrated version
* No in-app purchases (IAP)
* No ads
* Bright, colorful seascapes, rich in detail
* The story focuses on friends and family
* The repetitive pattern provides comfort and predictability


Henry The Little Fish 4.0.0 is $2.99, and is available through the App Store.

Chroma for Mac Generates Complementary Color Palettes from Images

Softpress has released Chroma for Mac, their app designed to generate well-balanced and complementary color palettes from images. The app is designed exclusively for OS X Yosemite and El Capitan systems.

Chroma emulates the way the human eye perceives color to create natural looking palettes. Individual colors from palettes can be copied or dragged in various formats, or entire palettes can be exported and integrated with most major design applications and the built-in system color picker.

Colors can be copied in web, Objective-C and Swift formats with just a single click. New palettes can be created by simply selecting new colors or images. Professional designers and developers, as well as casual users creating presentations or word processing documents, will appreciate Chroma’s features.


Chroma is available to buy on the App Store and featured until Thursday (June 2 2016).

Shoplog 2.7 for iOS Helps Users Maximize Their Shopping Experience

Bluewave Solutions has released Shoplog 2.7 for iOS and Shoplog 2.0 for Android, their app developed to help shoppers to maximize their shopping experience. When users find something that they like, they Snap it, Log it, Compare it and Buy it. All these actions are the main ingredients to the Shoplog application.


New Features:
Shopping experience brings a lot of Fun to people, so what SHOPLOG is trying to do is to quantify “The Fun Factor” with a concept of “Shopping Index” by creating an ecosystem to count the wishlist saved in , so the consumer can go shopping and the more he checks products with Shoplog, the more Shopping Index he gets. In Addition to that, we have modified the layout to be more iOS 9 compatible.


Users can:
* Take a photo with Shoplog
* Log the price
* Name of the shop
* Store location on the map
* Which size or dimensions
* Store phone number
* Store email
* Store website
* Any comments that the user want to add
* Save automatically the date where the user logged this item


The Application enables the users to share their findings with someone special:
* Parents/children
* Husband/wife
* Best friends
* Social Integration with Facebook, Twitter to share with all their Friends


Shoplog 2.7 is free for 3 Catalogs only and available through the App Store. If the user needs more there is a premium of $1.99 USD to open an unlimited number of Catalogs. An Android version is available through Google Play.

Solitaire Free 1.0.0, Brings the Classic Card Game to iOS Devices

Impala Studios has released Solitaire Free 1.0.0, the classic card game for iOS Android, and Amazon Fire devices. The game features easy-to-read cards, pleasant sound effects and a beautiful design. Players move cards around the table with a drag of their finger, or conveniently tap the card they want to place.


Solitaire Free is Impala Studios’ first multiplatform app, developed for both iOS and Android by a team of talented developers and designers. The app was built using the Cocos2d-x engine, and coded in C++.


Solitaire Free 1.0.0 is available through the App Store. Solitaire Free is also available on Play: and Amazon App Stores.

Speed Tracker Offers GPS and Trip Log for Apple Watch

AppAnnex LLC has released Speed Tracker GPS Speedometer and Trip Computer 5.3, an update to its popular iOS app. The app offers a GPS speedometer, Trip Log and Trip computer, all combined into one app. Speed Tracker is on sale for 75% off the regular price. The promotional price will be in effect until May 31th, 2016.


Speed Tracker now offers an extension for Apple Watch, allowing users to start/stop trip recording and check their speed, distance traveled and other trip stats right from their wrist.


The app also includes a built-in GPS navigator mode, allowing users to switch to navigation mode, allowing them to check their current location on the map, allong with the distance they’ve already covered.


Speed Tracker 5.3 is $0.99 (70% off regular price of $3.99) until May 31, 2016, and is available in the App Store.

Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon for Mac Offers New Selection Tools, More

The Pixelmator Team has released Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon, a major update to its popular image editor for Mac OS X. Pixelmator offers everything users need to create, edit, and enhance their images.

Version 3.5 offers a smart Quick Selection Tool, a Magnetic Selection Tool that automatically snaps to object edges, a powerful Pixelmator Retouch extension for the Photos app, and more.

The Quick Selection Tool allows users to select complex areas of an image quickly and precisely, with a single click. The Magnetic Selection Tool automatically snaps to the edges of the object you trace, so you can select detailed areas very precisely with just a few clicks.

Pixelmator’s new Retouch extension adds add a set of powerful and easy-to-use Pixelmator retouching tools to the Photos app. Users can now remove anything from a photo with a single swipe, clone objects or entire areas, adjust lightness and saturation of specific parts, sharpen details, and soften the background, all from within the Photos app.

The app also offers a redesigned Stroke effect, and enhanced Refine Selection performance, content-aware outline smoothing for selections made with Color Selection, Paint Bucket, and Magic Eraser tools, as well as other performance improvements and fixes.

Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon is $29.99, and is available through the Mac App Store. It is a free upgrade to all existing customers who purchased the app from the Mac App Store. More information and a free 30-day trial can be found at Pixelmator online.

MAS AppDelete Lite 4.0.5 Offers Drag & Drop Uninstalling of Mac Apps

Independent software developer Reggie Ashworth has released MAS AppDelete Lite 4.0.5, an update to his popular Mac application deletion utility via the Mac App Store. Users merely drag & drop the app they wish to uninstall onto the AppDelete Lite app to delete any app and its associated items.

You can drag any item that can be uninstalled onto AppDelete Lite: Applications, Widgets, Preference Panes, Plugins, Screensavers, etc. You can also activate AppDelete Lite in many ways: dragging items onto main window, onto dock icon, selecting in menu, dragging from Launchpad, and throwing items in the trash. When the preview screen appears you can uncheck any items you would like to exclude.

Users can also choose to delete the items, log only the items, or archive (copy) the items to a .zip file for safekeeping or reinstall at a later date. All uninstalled items are moved to the trash so users can immediately see which items were removed.

New in Version 4.0:
* All-New UI and revised workflow for the best AppDelete Lite experience ever
* Optimized for operation on El Capitan (still backwards compatible with Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite)
* Finds more files than ever before with new improved algorithm
* Now sandboxed to meet latest requirements for the Mac App Store
* File sizes and grouping for all items
* All latest technologies being utilized such as Automatic Reference Counting and Grand Central Dispatch
* All-New Genius Search
* Additional Preferences such as Ignore List and Protect Running Apps
* New Korean localization
* Updated Help file to make options more clear to user
* Brings Lite version up-to-date with AppDelete 4.2
* And More… (visit AppDelete Lite website for complete details)

Feature Highlights:
* Optimized for Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks/Yosemite/El Capitan
* Helps delete Apps, Widgets, Preference Panes, Plugins, Screensavers, or anything that can be uninstalled and their associated items
* Fifteen included languages (English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, and Swedish)
* 64-bit performance
* Finds associated items that are visible, invisible, or hidden automatically
* Quick panels with filtering in the menu (Name, Size, Kind, Creation Date, Last Used Date)
* Pathnames in AppDelete Lite Info panel are clickable and will Reveal in Finder
* Icons in AppDelete Lite Info panel are clickable and will show Finder Get Info panel
* Quick panels have a search field to find items fast
* Can drop folders onto AppDelete Lite to find items inside for deletion
* Detects Apps and other items placed in trash
* Archive feature for safekeeping and transferring items to another Mac
* Log to record all activity
* Preference to protect Default apps
* And more…

AppDelete Lite 4.0.5 for Mac OS X is $3.99 via the Mac App Store. AppDelete Lite users can also upgrade to AppDelete for an additional $3.99, but only via the AppDelete/AppDelete Lite website.