Packing Pro Travel App for iOS Gets a Major Update

QuinnScape has released Packing Pro 12.0, a major upgrade for the 7-year old iOS travel app. Version 12.0 now supports all devices running on iOS 8 and 9, new search and sort functions in the Master Catalog, as well as a more convenient search tool on list pages.

QuinnScape says over 20,000 lines of code were revised or completely re-written, leading to much smoother operation on current devices. The design and user experience were also revamped, and a few new features were added as well, such as search & sort in the Master Catalog.

During the seven years Packing Pro has been on Apple’s App Store, it has been highlighted several times. Currently, it can be found in the “Travel Survival Kit” and “Travel Expenses” promotions. It has also ranked at #1 for iPads and #2 for iPhones in the U.S. App Store’s Travel section. Besides Apple, Packing Pro has also been recognized by CNN, WSJ, BBC, The New York Times, Expedia and Budget Travel, and has earned glowing reviews on major tech and app blogs (Gizmodo, Mashable, Macworld, CNET and iPhone Life, among others).

Features include:

  • Multi-item selection from catalog for speedy list building
  • Multi-item editing for easy list and catalog management
  • Collapsible categories with floating headers and running item tallies
  • List sorting & filtering by packing status, priority, need to buy, bag and/or person
  • Item, weight and value totals & subtotals
  • Item images to eliminate any confusion – never again pack the wrong item
  • Item and list alerts for user-set reminders
  • Email export for file sharing
  • Wireless printing
  • Fully customized device support for all sizes of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • Full multi-lingual support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Japanese and Chinese

Packing Pro also offers the following Pro-level features:

  • iCloud auto-syncing support
  • Expert packing list wizard that can “automagically” create a list
  • Email, iTunes, AirDrop, Dropbox and Box file sharing, backup & out-of-app editing support
  • Customized design (themes, layout, fonts, colors, textures)
  • Double-sized Master Catalog with over 800 items and to-do tasks
  • Twice as many sample lists
  • Smart Search (lists & catalog)

Packing Pro is available for the iPhone & iPad in the App Store for $2.99. The basic Packing (+TO DO!) app sells for $0.99.

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