Shoplog 2.7 for iOS Helps Users Maximize Their Shopping Experience

Bluewave Solutions has released Shoplog 2.7 for iOS and Shoplog 2.0 for Android, their app developed to help shoppers to maximize their shopping experience. When users find something that they like, they Snap it, Log it, Compare it and Buy it. All these actions are the main ingredients to the Shoplog application.


New Features:
Shopping experience brings a lot of Fun to people, so what SHOPLOG is trying to do is to quantify “The Fun Factor” with a concept of “Shopping Index” by creating an ecosystem to count the wishlist saved in , so the consumer can go shopping and the more he checks products with Shoplog, the more Shopping Index he gets. In Addition to that, we have modified the layout to be more iOS 9 compatible.


Users can:
* Take a photo with Shoplog
* Log the price
* Name of the shop
* Store location on the map
* Which size or dimensions
* Store phone number
* Store email
* Store website
* Any comments that the user want to add
* Save automatically the date where the user logged this item


The Application enables the users to share their findings with someone special:
* Parents/children
* Husband/wife
* Best friends
* Social Integration with Facebook, Twitter to share with all their Friends


Shoplog 2.7 is free for 3 Catalogs only and available through the App Store. If the user needs more there is a premium of $1.99 USD to open an unlimited number of Catalogs. An Android version is available through Google Play.

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