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Golf Island v1.0 Offers Players A Surreal Fun Packed Golf Game

Developer, Full Fat, has released Golf Island 1.0, its new game title for iOS and Android devices. Have you ever played golf on a whale, hit a hole-in-one in outer space, or seen a penguin pirate ship? You will on Golf Island.

Welcome to Golf Island. Join Terry the Toucan on a golfing adventure with tropical islands, cherry topped ice cream mountains, dancing trees, and a giant pineapple. Golf Island is a fantastic mix of surreal level design, lovable animal caddies with superb ball control.

Golf Island Features Include:

  • Fun gameplay and superb ball control
  • Play golf in beautiful fantasy worlds
  • Meet cute caddy characters
  • Customize your balls
  • Dancing trees, UFO hazards, fishing penguins, jammy bunkers and many more incredible sights

Golf Island 1.0 is available free for iOS devices in the App Store.

LinkOptimizer for Adobe InDesign 50% Off at BitsDuJour

Zevrix Solutions announces that LinkOptimizer, its workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign, is available at 50% off on the discount website BitsDuJour on May 26 only. The discount allows users save $130 on each license of LinkOptimizer.

LinkOptimizer allows users to reduce InDesign link size and speed up processing by eliminating excess image data, converting colors, performing essential image adjustments and converting file formats. As a result users can accelerate document output and save gigabytes of disk space and hours of production time.

“LinkOptimizer is the one product no creative studio can live without,” says Wayne Guy from Edge Graphics studio in Lake Balboa, California. “It saves hours of time, tediously replacing linked images, resizing, batch processing… If you’re a designer or production artist, you need this.”

With just a click of a button users can:

  • Scale and crop images to match their dimensions in InDesign
  • Change their resolution to 300 dpi
  • Convert RGB images to CMYK
  • Resave JPEG images as TIFF
  • Run a Photoshop Action on each image

LinkOptimizer is available from BitsDuJour at 50% off for $129.95 on May 26 only. A trial version is also available for download.

Kiismet App Gets an Update – Provides Spiritual Inspiration

Cogitare Pty Ltd has released Kiismet 1.1, a minor update to their unique spiritual inspiration app developed for iOS devices. The developer says Kiismet helps to bridge the modern and spiritual worlds to provide individuals and organizations the inspiration they need to find their paths to success.

The app is designed to aid users to tap into universal positive energies, it guides users along their personal journeys to find their future, realize their destiny and ultimately achieve harmony that leads to renewed energy and success.

By tapping into universal positive energies, Kiismet guides users along their personal journeys to find their future, realize their destiny and ultimately achieve harmony that leads to renewed energy and success. It provides both individuals and organizations the direction to find answers to the most challenging problems they face in life with a simple yet comprehensive user interface.

The app was created by a team of passionate experts in a number of fields, and the developer says Kiismet draws on both energies as old as time itself and the most modern technologies available today.

Kiismet 1.1 is free, and is available for iOS devices in the App Store. In-app purchases are available, including “Angel Advice” for $0.99.

GraphicConverter 10 Adds Face Recognition, Live Photos, Collage, More

Lemke Software GmbH has released GraphicConverter 10, the comprehensive update to their popular image editing utility for Mac OS X. Version 10 brings a number of new features, including face recognition, collage creation, custom brushes, and the ability to work with Apple’s new Live Photos file format.

Feature Highlights Include:
* Ability to open files in 200 graphics formats
* Ability to export in almost 80 different formats
* Import directly from camera (also RAW)
* Catalog generation (web, print, picture)
* TWAIN and image capture interface for scanners
* Direct support of the photo services Google+, Flickr, and Locr
* Graphical file and picture browser
* Slide show functions
* Powerful batch processor feature
* Support for Applescript
* Express picture enhancement function
* Powerful functions for editing pictures
* Advanced effects and filters
* Plug-in architecture
* Color management with ColorSync and ICC profiles
* 3D image support
* Supports the latest technologies of the different Mac OS versions
* Multilingual (12 available languages)
* Image verifier
* Ability to browse local copies on cloud services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Copy, Amazon Cloud and Google Drive

The complete list of new features includes:
* Face detection
* Collage function
* Picture package function
* Select layers of PDFs from the layer menu
* Go to position in movie dialog
* Action to remove Finder Tags
* Reverse animation
* Append reversed animation to animation
* BLP export
* Auto Rotation to correct small rotations from the horizon
* Detects Apple Live Photos
* Convert Apple Live Photos to a GIF animation
* Photos extension
* RSR and RSRC from data fork import (support of many old resource types)
* Custom brush support
* Virtual rotation of files in the browser with the exif orientation tag
* File Info dialog inside browser: PageUp key does set the field to the content of the last edited file
* PGF import
* Convert animation to filmstrip
* Option to disable fullscreen support
* Smart cut
* Display of grid w/o snap
* Batch crop as percentage
* Optional display of ratio in browser
* Optional display of possible print quality in browser
* Function to extract mp4 cover art images
* Function to assign mp4 covert art images as custom icon
* APNG (Animated PNG) export
* Added “Movie to Animation conversion” options dialog
* Option change of folder in browser at the beginning/end of the file list with the cursor keys
* Option to open last/recent browsers automatically in flat view
* Added support for reading/writing XMP metadata in the browser to pdf, eps, ps, ai files
* New scaling algorithm: “Next Neighbour”
* Function to export the complete photos database to a flat folder structure
* Option to open only first frame of animated GIFs
* Basic BigTIFF import
* Sort files into subfolders by aspect ratio (browser context/action menu)
* Added function “Export Image Dimensions into dimensions.txt” file to convert and modify
* Function to check and correct the extensions of files in convert and modify
* Round rect effect
* Clear space function
* Context menu entry to enable/disable xmp pano viewer
* Opening of vcard (.vcf) images
* Batch function to scale large vcard images to max. 200 pixels
* Option to change default window position to centered
* Support for font faces in text palette
* Display of movie GPS data (if available) – requires 10.10 or later
* Torn edge effect
* Option to change parallax of red/cyan anaglyphs
* Batch creation from selection (context menu)
* Menu function to scale image to Facebook sizes
* Horizontal automatic correction (for grayscale scans)

GraphicConverter 10 is available for $25.95 until June 30, 2016, and is available through the Mac App Store. The app can also be purchased online directly from the Lemkesoft website for $39.95. Users of the current version of GraphicConverter can upgrade at the Lemkesoft website for $25.95.

PDFPasswordRemover 3 Offers PDF Password Recovery Support

Cisdem today has released Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3 for Mac, the upgrade to their “ultimate” PDF unlock tool designed to remove restrictions on any PDF document. PDFPasswordRemover now fully supports recovery of both user password and owner password, and crack PDFs in any language and any Adobe PDF version.

“Adobe PDF is an industry standard for document exchange and archiving. The success of the PDF file format is a great example of how a product becomes a global technical standard,” said Karim Roumani, the Project Manager of Cisdem. “These years, our team has been committed to researching advanced file encryption and decryption technology. The release of PDFPasswordRemover 3 for Mac is the exhibition of our hard work. We’re sure that the results will satisfy all customers troubled by PDF restrictions.”

New features include:

  • Remove and Recover Both User Password & Owner Password
  • Search Preference Settings
  • Ability to Resume Decryption Progress
  • Provide the estimated remaining time of the whole decryption progress
  • Unlock & Recover PDF password and restrictions with just 2 or 3 clicks
  • Drag and Drop to add PDF files
  • Don’t require Adobe Acrobat Reader installed

PDFPasswordRemover 3.0 is $34.99 for a single user license, and is available via the Cisdem website. A trial version is also available. A “Lite” version is also available for $19.99.

iClassics Collection Apps Launches Kickstarter Campaign

iClassics Productions has announced their new Kickstarter campaign for #SAVETHECLASSICS, an initiative that hopes to save literature’s greatest classics and modernize them for today’s leisure.

The project aims to help readers rediscover literature, with original stories by authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft and Charles Dickens, and others. Each e-book will feature illustrations, interactivity, sounds effects and an original soundtrack, created especially for each work.

According to a study performed by San Jose State University (California, USA) bookstores keep a small stock of classic publications, only to meet the demand of school requirements level.

For this reason, the StartUp iClassics Productions has decided to dust off the classics and put them back in the place they deserve. #SAVETHECLASSICS is the name of the campaign that iClassics has started in the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with the goal of gathering a community of more than 5.000 backers and half a million euros to bring the great works of classic authors to everyone.

For more information, visit the #SAVETHECLASSICS Kickstarter page.

Stamp Music Importer Moves Playlists Across Popular Music Services

Stamp Music Importer by STAMP Software allows iOS and Mac/Windows users to import or export their favorite tracks and playlists to various music services. Import sources include Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Rdio, Deezer and YouTube. Export destinations include Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Excel for playlists.

Manually moving playlist between music services is a true pain. Stamp Music Importer is easy to operate. Users simply select a source and destination, choose the playlist or playlists they want to move, and that’s all it takes. The app works in the background, notifying users when it is finished.

Stamp Music Importer for iOS is available now from the App Store, a desktop version for Mac and Windows is also available. There is no cost to download the app.

Guess the Animal 1.0 for iOS Offers Animal Guessing Fun

Independent developer, Tomer Arkin has released Guess the Animal 1.0, his new simple and fun iOS game. Players reveal the tiles and guess the animal behind it, making it perfect for players of all ages. The game offers a large range of animals such as dogs, rabbits, fish, birds, insects and many more cute pets in this beautiful animal game.

Educational Game For Kids And Toddlers:
* As more as you play this game, the faster you learn the animal world
* Toddlers can play this animal picture game for hours, you are not limited in turns
* Not like any other school game you’ve played, all the animal pictures will fill your time with joy while learning the animal world

High Quality Nature Photos
* The app contains 500  nature photos of cute animals, each photo will show only once

Play As Much As You Want:
* Kids can play this game as long as they want, you can’t get stuck or loose the game. this cute pet game lets you play over and over again
* The less tiles you reveal the bigger score you will get
* Each answer has an icon so there is no need to type anything
* You will experience fun and engaging learning

Not Like Any Other Zoo Games:
* Includes animals from zoo games you’ve played before and much much more
* It’s a charming game with a bright change from others in this genre

A large range of animals such as dogs, rabbits, fish, birds, insects and many more cute pets in this beautiful animal game.
* A huge selection of animal pictures shown in a very simple interface while the app is lightweight

Guess the Animal 1.0 is free, and is available through the App Store.