Proloquo4Text 3.0 for iOS Gives a Voice to Users Who Have Speech Difficulties

AssistiveWare has released Proloquo4Text 3.0 for iOS, an update to its text-based augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app. Proloquo4Text allows literate children and adults who have difficulty speaking or have lost their voice completely, a voice to communicate.



Proloquo4Text 3.0 for iOS Gives a Voice to Users Who Have Speech Difficulties



Version 3.0 brings a number of new enhancements, as well as new features designed to improve the user’s experience. The app adds ten new voices for English, German, Swedish, French and Norwegian that are available as a free download from within the app.

AssistiveWare works closely together with users to ensure the usability and usefulness of their products. All the new features and enhancements introduced in this major update are based on feedback from the user community.

The update also brings support for the iPad Pro, and the new iOS multitasking functionality. The Play button is now larger, and easier to tap for users with fine-motor challenges.


“With Proloquo4Text we want to enable users to communicate with minimal effort and actively participate in society,” CEO of AssistiveWare, David Niemeijer explained. “Through user feedback we learned that many of our users don’t speak their text in Proloquo4Text, but show the screen to their communication partner. The new full screen and flip text features makes that significantly easier, both for the user as for the communication partner.”


Proloquo4Text 3.0 is $119.99, and is available through the App Store. It includes over 100 free Text to Speech voices in 18 languages. The update is free for existing users.

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