Tip Tap Toe 1.0 for iPad Offers Interactive Story for Kids

Outside the Box Creative has released Tip Tap Toe 1.0, their magical new interactive kids story app developed exclusively for iPad. The app features touch-responsive pages, which give kids the feeling that they’re truly immersed in the story. There are numerous touch-and-drag objects, a “read it myself” option and so much more.



The first-rate talent behind Tip Tap Toe reads like a “who’s who” list. For starters, the original story was crafted by internationally-acclaimed storyteller, author and literacy educator Lesley Dowding. As noted by the New Zealand Guild of Storytellers: “A story is given up to the listener as they enter it and they can be transferred to other worlds. They can walk through walls, fly like Pegasus or enter a room through a keyhole, especially when Lesley tells the tales”.

The app offers gorgeous, hand-painted images by renowned artist, photographer and art teacher Sarah Sampson. In addition, the perfectly-suited original music in Tip Tap Toe was composed by Joel Gennari.


Tip Tap Toe Offers:

* Touch-responsive pages, which give kids the feeling that they’re truly immersed in the story
* Numerous touch-and-drag objects, including some that are hidden so that kids can enjoy exploration and discovery
* A “read it myself” option that allows kids to take over the narration, which is excellent for helping them develop their literacy skills and reading confidence in a relaxed, pressure-free manner


Tip Tap Toe 1.0 is $0.99, and is available through the App Store.

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