Theatre Tales – A new children’s game title for Apple TV

Baked Games announces the June 23 release of Theatre Tales, their new children’s game title for Apple TV. The game allows kids to enact fairy tales such as Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Puss in Boots. They get to play with cute handmade puppets, featuring unforgettable cartoons that are beautiful, and colorful with a moral to each story. Theater Tales was a finalist in the Applovin’ Apple TV App Challenge.


Theatre Tales - A new children's game title for Apple TV

* Great scenes from famous fairy tales
* Stunning graphics
* Mini games
* Simple gameplay told without words
* Highly interactive and responsive
* Freeplay mode with multiplayer


Theatre Tales will be first released on the Apple TV on 23rd June 2016. The game will cost $1.99.

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