Package Central 1.9.7 for Adobe InDesign Update Improves App’s Email Reliability

Zevrix Solutions has released Package Central 1.9.7, a maintenance update to its document packaging automation solution for Adobe InDesign. The new version addresses an issue which could prevent email and metadata settings from being saved in workflow presets.


Package Central processes InDesign files from monitored hot folders and offers users the advantage of customizable workflows, variable folder names, email notifications, automatic error handling, preflighting and other time saving features for any workgroup environment.

Under Package Central workflow, production artists, prepress operators and designers simply submit InDesign files to watched hot folders that reside on a network. The software automatically collects the documents along with their fonts and links, freeing user’s time for important tasks such as design and layout. Operator workstations will never again be tied up by the packaging process. Package Central performs all its tasks automatically on a dedicated workstation and can run absolutely unattended.

Features and benefits include:

* Collect InDesign files from watched hot folders
* Create hot folders for various packaging settings
* Create PDF and IDML files on the fly
* Automatic email notifications on process stages and errors
* Variable package folder names
* Update modified links automatically
* Detailed processing logs
* Maintain a single set of settings for entire workgroup

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