Hide and View Hidden Files on Your Mac with Funter

Nektony has released Funter 2.0, their free tool designed specifically to hide and view hidden files and folders on Mac computers. Funter allows anyone to switch a file or folder’s visibility in two clicks, making them hidden or visible. Mac users can easily find, move and delete any file, including system and browser caches, and so much more.


All you need to find hidden files is just type a name of the file in the finder field. Funter allows to choose a folder for search, show all/hidden/unhidden files, forward to file location in Finder, preview files from Funter, copy, move or delete files using appropriate buttons. Funter makes it able to switch files visibility in one click. It integrates to Finder, and adds own command to context menu.

* Search hidden files in hidden folders, system folders, bundles and packages
* Switch hidden files visibility in 2 clicks
* Make your files hidden when needed
* Operate hidden files


Funter is Free to download and available worldwide through the Nektony website.

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