Mellel 3.5 for Mac Adds Text Boxes, Enhances Image Options

RedleX today has released Mellel 3.5, an update to their popular word processor for Mac OS X. Mellel allows users to control how their document looks, including page, section, paragraph, and character styles, auto-titles, lists, footnotes, endnotes and more. Version 3.5 brings text boxes, key improvements to image handling and smart-snap options for easy layout of items in a document.


Other key new features with Mellel 3.5 include a snap-snap for images and text boxes, allowing you to easily centre, align, and organise images and text boxes on a page. Mellel also adds the option to set corner radius for images, an overflow indicator for text boxes, dashed image frames, and more. The new version of Mellel also includes dozens of small improvements and a long list of bug fixes.


Mellel 3.5 is available in a Regular, Educational, a Lite version and in an iPad version. It is released concurrently with Mellel 3.5 for iPad. It is also available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

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