Delivit Links Shoppers to World Travelers

Delivit LLC thas released Delivit 1.5, an update to their popular shopping app developed for iOS and Android devices. The app connects shoppers with travelers, who purchase and then deliver foreign goods, allowing the users to take advantage of the duty free allowance permitted by certain airports.



With Delivit, users identify the exciting products they want at deep discounts available in duty-free shops across the globe, and connect with travelers who agree to purchase the items and deliver them to their Delivit customers. Just install the app, complete a request form for a specific item, search the Delivit database for your personal shopper – and agree on a delivery fee when you receive the item.

* Worldwide shopping without the hassles of worldwide shipping
* Eliminates customs duties, within the free limits of the traveler
* Guaranteed reimbursement protects buyers if the deliverer doesn’t show up
* Guaranteed delivery fee, if the buyer fails to honor the agreement
* Currency converting feature for easy transaction


The app is available for free with in-app purchases, and is available at both the iTunes app store and Google Play store.

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