Busy Water – Think Outside the Tank

Edoki Academy has released Busy Water 1.1 for iOS, an innovative and fun critical thinking puzzle game based on water physics and gravity.


Busy Water serves as a platform where children can practice reacting to tricky game scenarios in a controlled environment. The app also uses the iPad’s accelerometer and gyroscope. Water plays a critical role in the Montessori method and that is why the States of H2O were put at the forefront of Busy Water. Children transfer, control and engineer water in every level, ultimately strengthening their agility, sharpening their critical thinking skills and truly learning about the States of Water.

*Brought to you by the creators of Busy Shapes & Crazy Gears
* 100+ challenging levels with multiple pathways
* A unique “Build Mode” to create an endless possibility of levels to be shared with your friends.
* A dozen accessories to freeze, heat, jet stream water
* Apple Watch and Apple TV extensions that sync with the iOS app


Busy Water 1.1 is $3.99, and is available through the App Store.

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