PopChar X 7.6 Now Supports Unicode 9.0

Ergonis Software has released PopChar X 7.6, an update to the company’s award-winning tool for finding and inserting special characters and exploring fonts. PopChar X 7.6 supports Unicode 9.0, the most recent major update to the Unicode Standard.


PopChar X 7.6 Now Supports Unicode 9.0

Unicode 9.0 adds 7,500 characters, for a total of 128,172 characters. These additions include six new scripts and 72 new emoji characters, such as new smilies and people, animals and nature, and food and drink. The new Unicode standard has been defined only recently, and fonts that support it have yet to be developed, but PopChar 7.6 is already prepared for releases of fonts that contain the new characters.

Version 7.6 also launches faster, and improves scroll position and highlighting when showing a character in its Unicode context. The update also adds further improvements and enhancements that improve overall stability and compatibility with third-party applications like MS Word.


PopChar X can be purchased securely on the Ergonis Software website. The upgrade to PopChar X 7.6 is free for anyone who owns a license for PopChar X 7 or purchased a license for PopChar X 6 on or after March 1st 2014. Upgrade paths are available for customers who purchased their license before that date.

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