Selfielicious – The New Selfie-Sharing App for iOS/Android

Applinga (Pty) Ltd has released Selfielicious 1.01, its new selfie-sharing app for iOS and Android devices. Selfielicious allows users to stream their selfies to others in their social groups.


Who doesn’t love a selfie? That’s the question Selfielicious is asking. The statistics on selfies are nearly off the charts. According to Google, in 2014 Android users will post 93 million selfies a day. Millenials, at current rates, will post 25,000 selfies in their lifetime. Everyone seems to love taking selfies. From Kim Kardashian to elementary school teachers, people are getting out their phones and taking photos. Selfielicious is a new app that takes selfies to the next level by streaming them.

* Get more exposure and likes for your selfie by promoting it to the top of the Selfielicious featured category
* You have the ability to sign in with either your Facebook or Twitter accounts
* There is no limit to how many selfies you can upload to the Selfielicious community App
* Get creative with built-in photo editing features with stunning effects, like frames, beautiful overlays and much more
* Selfielicious has been designed to make it easy for you to participate and share your selfies on the Selfielicious App
* Invite your friends to view, like and comment on your selfies by sharing the Selfielicious App, which has built-in sharing capabilities
* In the activity stream you can see who is liking and commenting on your selfies and the people who are following you


“If you think you’ve got the coolest selfie on the planet we’re challenging you to post it on the Selfielicious app,” says creator, Wayne Hunter. “We’re handing out three awesome XShot selfie sticks to the most creative entries. So wow the Selfielicious community. Blow our hair back. Let’s see what you got!”


Selfielicious 1.01 is Free and is available through the App Store. To promote the launch, Selfielicious is running a contest that ends on August 31st. Submit your best selfie and this September, you could be one of three selected to win a XShot selfie stick.

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