CAZE announces ThinEdge slim bumper case for iPhone 7/7 Plus (Jet Black)

Hong Kong – CAZE, the leader in ultra thin case, has announced its new ThinEdge bumper for iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, one of the world’s slimmest frame case, measuring just 0.8mm. Constructed of lightweight, hard-shell plastic, ThinEdge frame case offers sleek and stylish protection for the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus and comes with two different colored fasteners for you to personalize your iPhone.


Besides balancing between case-minimalism and protection, CAZE chose a new black color to match with the shiny Jet Black and matte Black of iPhone 7. Also, its fully transparent edition would let your iPhone 7 be seen clearly without obscuring the sleek profile and beauty finish of Apple’s design.


ThineEdge adds less than a millimeter in thickness to the sides of the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. It fits tightly around the edges of the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus and protects its screen and back by protruding slightly above the front screen glass & aluminum back. The result leaves the back and front of the iPhone 5 fully exposed visually, but shielded against scratches and the rear camera(s) would not be in touch with the flat surface.


ThinEdge is made of GRILAMID(R) TR-90 so it is lightweight, tough, flexible, shatterproof and resistant to UV damage. Each frame case comes with two different colored fasteners for personalizing the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus.


The weight of ThinEdge is just 5 grams so you can barely notice the change of the thickness and weight after putting on such as a slim case on your iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. ThineEdge is easy to install. Its anti-slip property gives the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus more grip on surfaces. Easy access to all phone functions without having to remove the case. It has complete access to all the main ports and buttons of the device. Charging has also never been easy since you do not have to remove the case.


To ensure all-around protection, the ThinEdge comes with a free screen protection kit (front & back film) for added shield. Colors obtainable for now are Black, Silver and Clear. Aside from the ultra slim bumper, you will get a set of front & back crystal clear screen protectors, a microfiber cloth and a wallet size iPhone stand.


ThinEdge Matte Bumper for iPhone 7
ThinEdge Matte Bumper for iPhone 7 Plus
Wallet Size iPhone Stand


iPhone CAZE started its business at a small shop with handmade products at the beginning and proudly released its first iPhone case in 2007. Due to the spread of word and increasing demand of overseas orders, iPhone CAZE began to take orders on its website in 2009. iPhone CAZE admires fashion, using leather, fabric, metal, polymer and swarovski crystal, to bring something luxury and special on iPhone for any occasion. Copyright 2007-2016 iPhone CAZE. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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