Early English Platform Lingokids to Reach 30,000 Kids in Japan

San Francisco – Madrid – The Edtech startup Monkimun is launching a campaign to over 30k families in Japan to promote Lingokids, its cornerstone ELL platform for kids, thanks to a new initiative with Shonan Seminar, Japan’s premier tutoring school network.


As record sales in the U.S, Mexico and Southeast Asia recognize their impact in the EdTech industry, early language learning startup Monkimun keeps collecting industry awards, international partnerships and, as it has recently been reported, an ongoing expansion throughout Asia. As of today, in Japan the Lingokids platform is ranked top 10 in the paid kids 5 & under ipad category and 22 in paid education categories, however these rankings lag their neighboring countries in South East Asia and China where the platform is consistently ranking top 3 in multiple categories. With this partnership Monkimun hopes to boost its presence in Japan and reach top 3 as it has done in its other regional markets.


Lingokids is an early English immersion course for kids 6 years old and under based on natural learning through play and affective computing. The unique Lingokids approach provides children with an exploratory experience guided by real-life videos of teachers that establish a bond with the child accompanying them through the activities and helping them to retain the learning with their human touch.


It is expected to reach thousands of young Japanese learners: “So far we’ve distributed the campaign to 7,000 families since late July. By the end of September, we’ll reach out to 20,000 families.”, said Yoshi A. Okamoto, SZIV’s Executive Director. Lingokids has already been implemented in Shonan Seminar centers for evaluation for further improvement, with high results in participating children.


Monkimun’s commitment to research-based solutions has been one of their premises since the beginning. Marieta Viedma, Monkimun’s co-founder and CPO is clear about this: “Scientific research is at the core of our products. We not only consult with specialists and top-ranked international educators, we have also conducted studies with young students and continue to explore the possibilities of early learning through various projects and collaborations, such as the ongoing product improvement at Shonan Seminar centers”.


This depth of knowledge throughout the development process of their products, as well as their determination to offer a structured learning method, with clear demonstrated results is leading Monkimun to international recognition backed by tier-1 investors and partners. The growing list of partnerships for Monkimun includes renowned Oxford University Press, the largest University Press in the world, whose content is included in Lingokids; Digicrafts, whose carrier billing integration with DTAC will allow Lingokids to reach more than 25 million subscribers in Thailand and very recently Kurio Tablets, that is launching 250k tablets for kids in the US and UK with the Lingokids platform pre-installed.


About SZIV:
Japan-based SZIV has the mission to fund and create systems that will change the way the world learns. An offshoot of Shonan Seminar, Japan’s premier tutoring school network, they also support innovative scientific research and development that offers new insights into how the world thinks, learns and understands.


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Monkimun is a San Francisco/Madrid based startup founded in 2014. Monkimun technology makes language learning for toddlers and kids fun. It enables parents to raise multilingual children and give them a greater chance for success the rest of their lives. Monkimun currently offers six award winning children’s language learning apps in English, Spanish and Chinese, including Monki Home, Monki Hide and Seek, Monki Shake It, Monki Animal Builder, Monki Birthday Party and the Google’s 2014 best app award winning Monki Chinese Class. All of them can be downloaded from the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon. The company will soon release a subscription platform that integrates all lessons and content to offer a one stop shop for parents looking to raise multilingual kids. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2016 Monkimun. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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