Everyone Find Open Restaurants with Restaurant Shuffle

Decide-N-Dine is the fun, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing way for everyone to decide where or what to eat by engaging in “The Restaurant Shuffle.” It provides a view into open restaurants in the area, along with menus, photos, contact info, and directions on how to get there. As a restaurant appears on the screen, users swipe right if they want more information. Swipe left, a new random restaurant will appear on the screen. Restaurants can be stored and diners need never worry about a restaurant being closed. Decide-N-Dine removes the clutter of long lists and misleading reviews and focuses on what really matters; finding where and what to eat.


For Restaurants:
Decide-N-Dine ultimately wants to focus on daily specials and promotions that restaurants have to offer in order to provide hard to find information for customers. This is what makes us unique. We have about 500,000 restaurants in our backend, which will continue to grow every day. Our interactive platform serves as an information portal about restaurants along with a service that shines the light on one restaurant at a time. Since each restaurant is featured one at a time, it is up to the restaurant to update their specials, menus, and photos to make sure they shine the brightest.


Decide-N-Dine 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Food & Drink category.

Decide-N-Dine 1.0.1
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