Productivity and Wellness Calendar App for Mindful Women

Novum Press LLC announces the release of ProWell Calendar 1.1, the team’s new lifestyle app for women, developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. ProWell stands out with its simple aesthetics. The app helps encourages output and wellness by connecting a woman’s hormonal dips and surges to her energy fluctuations, so she can plan her productivity effectively.


ProWell is a smart calendar that syncs with other calendars, and intelligently monitors, predicts and displays women’s cycles. It uses the expected cycle-based hormone fluctuations to predict energy levels. Its complete design incorporates the menstrual cycle, energy levels, goal planning, and mindful affirmations.


ProWell has it all in one place:
* It syncs with other calendars
* Accurately predicts and shows future menstrual cycles
* Forecasts energy based on estrogen and testosterone dips and surges throughout the cycle
* Color codes fertile and infertile days
* Sends weekly health alerts, including proven tips on which vitamins and foods to consume at what time of the monthly cycle
* A goal tracking feature for users to create, track, and share with friends, family, or mentors their daily and weekly objectives
* Sends weekly charts to show goals’ progress
* An affirmations feature that encourages mindfulness
* A notes function
* Does not require a user account or any other login


ProWell Calendar helps women to balance the essentials of their intricate lives in a simple way, for optimum well-being. The app adjusts to every woman’s rhythm. It shows the biological and chemical process taking place in the body in a simple, easy-to-understand way, and provides easy organization and planning for months ahead. All the data is available to the user at all times, on all of her iOS devices.


“We understand the natural connection between productivity and a woman’s health, and designed ProWell to make it possible for a woman to track her cycle and her goals in one place, and with mindfulness reminders,” explained Jacquelynn Osoro, conceptual designer. “With ProWell we want to offer women the opportunity to put their health and well-being first, and to incorporate mindfulness in their approach to work and other life goals.”


ProWell Calendar 1.1 is $2.99 USD and is available through the App Store.

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