PixCompare for iOS 2.0 – Search for Duplicate Photos on Your iPhone

Lakehorn AG is pleased to announce the new release of PixCompare for iOS version 2.0. With PixCompare, users can easily search for duplicate and similar photos on their iPhones and iPads. Photos can then be selected for batch deletion. PixCompare will save actual space on your devices.

PixCompare for iOS 2.0 - Search for Duplicate Photos on Your iPhone

PixCompare is based on a very fast algorithm that was developed and improved by Lakehorn over the past 20 years on the Mac platform. It only uses parts of the actual photo to compare them to one another, plus additional photo properties, like location and date. This results in an excellent performance. On a fast iPhone, loading and comparing 1.000 photos takes less than 6 seconds. The whole comparison process executes on the user’s device(s). Photos are never transmitted to any third party, therefore the privacy of the photos is guaranteed.


Main features include
* compare up to 10.000 pictures
* compare any album, the camero roll, or the full library
* display results in groups or pairs of similar photos
* display up to 500 potential duplicate photos


Language Support:
PixCompare is localized into English, Japanese, French, German, and Italian languages.


PixCompare 2.0 is a $0.99 download available worldwide through the App Store in the Photography category. PixCompare is also available for the Mac.

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