Review: Green – Budget Forecasting Helps Users Take Control of Their Finances

Keeping track of your budget, and making sure you have enough cash to make it to payday is always tough, but the holidays in particular make it tough to live within your means. Developer CoopToons has come up with Green – Budget Forecasting an easy to use and comprehensive budgeting app for iOS devices that makes it easy to take control of your finances.

Review: Green - Budget Forecasting Helps Users Take Control of Their Finances



Green – Budget Forecasting is an app for iPhone and iPad devices that is designed to help users track their spending, bill paying, and account balances. The app’s main screen shows a nice at-a-glance chart that shows what your current balances are, and what your future income, expenses, and balances will be.


A simple explanation of how the app works is:

  • Enter your current account balance
  • Enter your recurring income and expenses (Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Weekly, etc.)
  • Green will show you your balance changes over the next year
  • Green will show you how spending today will affect your future balance
  • Experiment by adding, removing or adjusting a recurring transaction to see how it will affect your future balance
  • Spend safe by knowing your future balance.


I found the app does help users see where their money goes, and at a glance they can see when they might run short of dough during the coming months. The app makes it easier to plan for lean times, such as those last few days before payday, or when all of those bills hit at the middle of the month.

Review: Green - Budget Forecasting Helps Users Take Control of Their Finances

The app shows what the user’s lowest anticipated balance will be in the coming year, a balance for the current day, after all pending transactions complete and even how much should be sitting in your bank account at the moment. (This, of course will likely be a bit off, due to how long it takes for certain transactions, such as deposits, and online payments take to complete.)


Green makes it easy to enter and track any type of transaction, via its icon-based naming of transactions. The app includes transactions types for almost any income or outgo. And any it doesn’t already include can be created by the users. So, any type of transaction can be tracked, no matter how unusual.


Recurring transactions, such as a salary, installment loan payment, bus fare, morning coffee, etc. can be setup as a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annual, semi-annual, and quarterly transactions.


Green allows users to protect their financial data via a passcode, so there’s no worries about someone tapping into your financial info.




Green – Budget Forecasting is a recommended app for those users who wish to keep a close eye on their financial situation. Data is easily entered into the app, and the categorization and tracking functions make it easy to see where your money is going, and how you need to plan ahead for possible lean times in the future.


For $1.99, the app is a worthwhile investment. (Don’t forget to enter the purchase price as one of your first transactions. GRIN!)




Price: $1.99 – Available for iPhone and iPad devices as a Universal Application. The app requires iOS 8.0 or higher, and needs 27.2 MB of free space. [GET IT HERE]



Note: The above review was commissioned by the developer, and has been written in an objective, unbiased fashion. I used screenshots form the developers App Store page, due to concerns about the privacy of my own financial information

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