Block-a-Pix for iOS – Find the Blocks, Discover the Picture

Conceptis today introduces Conceptis Block-a-Pix 1.0 for iOS, a new logic puzzle game that lets you reveal hidden pixel-art pictures by pure logic deduction. Block-a-Pix, also known as Shikaku, Block Pix and Blockbuster Paint doku, is a fun and addictive block-filling puzzle. Each puzzle consists of a grid containing clues in various places. The object is to reveal a hidden picture by dividing the whole area of the grid into rectangular blocks according to the rules. Find the blocks, discover the picture!

Block-a-Pix for iOS - Find the Blocks, Discover the Picture

Conceptis Block-a-Pix features over 200 puzzles in a wide range of sizes and difficulty levels, including 50 free ones to get you started and an extra free puzzle which is released each week. More puzzle volumes will be published regularly. All puzzles are manually created by artists and have unique solutions. Gaming features include a unique fingertip cursor which enables playing large puzzle grids with ease and precision, concurrently playing and saving multiple puzzles, library sorting and hiding options, unlimited undo and redo, error checking and solving times tracking.


Conceptis Block-a-Pix 1.0 is free and is available through the App Store in the Games category. Additional volumes are available via in-App Purchase.

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