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Projecte Omega, a neuroscientific company specializing in the development of audiovisual technological tools that train and enhance brain capacities in 2D and 3D environments with augmented reality capability, launches to the market a set of neurorelaxing infographic images to promote the reconciliation of sleep through devices based on iOS and Mac.


The brain continues to work actively. It never rests, not even during sleep. However, it needs our mind to be disconnected to perform without interference with maintenance tasks that will enable us to face the next day in good physical and mental condition. Our governing body consumes one fifth of the total supply of glucose and oxygen to the body, despite the fact that it only represents 2% of body weight in our species. Nighttime rest is vital for our body.


With this release Projecte Omega aims to reach the population as a whole with an efficient tool to help sleep at a reasonable price and does not require therapeutic follow-up.


Projecte Omega was conceived in the mid-90’s, due to the need to find new visual elements for neural stimulation to enhance brain plasticity, an innate feature of the human brain. This plasticity refers to the capacity of the neural networks to adapt and respond to a new or remodelled function. Our project is based on neural stimulation of the brain. It is a powerful complementary diagnostic tool for disorders in neurological development, behaviour disorders, cognitive impairment and training in cognitive prevention.


In previous qualitative studies developed during fieldwork with the Visuals Neuromodelators Omega applications and programs, we found a noticeable degree of post-surgery recovery in a population of 1019 patients with different pathologies: Behaviour disorders, Mental Retardation, Autism, Dyslexia, Ictus, Alzheimer’s, Phobias, Paranoia and Stress.


Projecte Omega is $1.99 and is available worldwide through the iBook Store in the Health & Fitness category.

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