Social-Hub Update: Social Network Aggregator

Worldwide fans of Social-Hub have some new reasons to cherish the unique social network aggregator app, now that a new update is available in the App Store. Created by developer Islom Kamalkhodjaev and offered at no cost, Social-Hub is the brilliant answer to a tedious problem that countless people of all ages and backgrounds have struggled with for years: constantly launching multiple social media accounts to keep up with their friends, colleagues, favorite people and businesses, and so on.


That’s because Social-Hub 3.3.1 lets users access their network’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram live feeds directly from within the app, as well as cross-post to all platforms in a fast and efficient manner. What’s more, Social-Hub emulates each social media platform’s native look and feel, which means that users don’t experience anything unusual or unfamiliar as they stay in the loop. Other special Social-Hub features that have earned the app numerous 5-star reviews and critical acclaim from independent expert reviewers include.


* The option to “like” Instagram photos
* In-app dropdown menus to manage each social network account
* The ability to apply visual effects and edit photos prior to posting them on social media
* In-app Facebook chat, with the option to take a screenshot simply by tapping/holding the screen
* Cross-social posting to save time and effort
* Fun Social-Hub stickers
* The ability to look up new posts via #hashtag
* One-touch shortcut to view messages
* Fast, secure access through TouchID
* A streamlined and elegant iOS 8-inspired interface
* Built-in ad blocker


Social-hub can also be password protected to keep out unauthorized users, and since users spend less time launching various social media accounts, they prolong their device’s battery charge. And now in the latest version, users can take advantage of enhanced Instagram integration.


Social-Hub 3.3.1 is Free (with in-app purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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