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Shape Games and Activities for Kids Available for iOS and Android

ShEk Tech has released Shape Games and Activities for Kids 1.0 for iOS and Android, its new interactive education app for kids ages 3 to 6. The app consists of 7 activities and 3 games, designed to be fun and educational. Kids get to learn and practice numbers, colors, objects and animals.


Some activities are designed for learning where as some are for concept reinforcement. All the activities have a voice overlay to guide and appreciate the kid in her/his effort. The app is available in English, German and Spanish languages worldwide.


Puzzles: This is the first activity and has four categories. The first category shows number puzzles, the second one is about alphabet puzzles, the third one displays animals and the last one has objects in it. In each of the puzzle a picture is divided into 9 parts. Kids drag the 9 parts and place them in the right spot in a grid to complete the picture. A correct placement is celebrated where as kid is encouraged and appreciated for a trying in case of a mistake.


Animated Animals: This activity shows different 3D animated animals so kids can learn names and sounds. Kids can swipe from one animal to another as they learn the sound of the animal and a voice overlay informs about the name of the animal.


Find Objects: This activity is designed to reinforce the learning of a kid with a simple quiz. A voice overlay asks kid to find an object or an animal from four pictures. Appreciation and encouragement through voice is designed to keep kid interested. The pictures are randomly generated and the sequence and questions differ each time a child plays the game. The activity is specifically designed to not have a specific sequence of questions which is repetitive and boring.


Pairing: A child is shown six cards which are flipped over. The goal is to find similar cards and pair them together. As the child touches a card, it flips and shows the picture on it.


Color Bucket: This activity is designed for the learning of colors. A large bucket appears on screen and a voice overlay asks the kid to shake her/his phone or tablet. As the child shakes, a block of color falls down and on entering the bucket turns into fluid. Kids are attracted to the physics based fluid motion and a voice overlay teaches them color names.


Card Swiping: This is a reinforcement activity with five stacks of cards. Each stack shows either numbers, alphabets, colors, objects or animals. Child can swipe through cards as a caring voice informs about the card they are interacting with.


The app also has three games that reinforce the learning and develop hand eye coordination.


Car Racing: In this mini game, a car races down a four lane road. The goal of the game is that the car is hungry and wants some food. Kids improve their hand eye coordination as they switch lanes to gather more and more food.


Pick a Basket: This activity is also designed for reinforcement. Three baskets and a picture appear on the screen. One basket is for numbers, the other is for alphabets and the third one is for objects and animals. Kid has to drag the picture into the right basket.


Jumping Ball: This game is also designed for enhancing hand eye coordination. A ball moves down a lane in a Christmas decorated path. Kids tap the screen to make the ball jump over obstacles. The game is simple and easy to play for kids.


Shape Games and Activities for Kids 1.0 is free and is available through the App Store.

Neighborhood Discovery and Social App Features New UI

Byber LLC  has released a major update to its unique, no-cost neighborhood discovery and social connection app Byber. In response to popular demand, the company also announced that in addition to the original iOS app, an Android edition is now available on Google Play.

Unlike most social media apps that are boring, predictable and ironically anti-social, Byber enables users to meet interesting new people, connect with friends, and set off on an urban adventure to explore what their neighborhood has to offer. It’s also ideal for singles who are interested in everything from some fun flirting, to possibly finding their next significant other or one true soul mate.


Byber accomplishes all of the above – and continues to generate 5-star reviews and critical acclaim – through a set of integrated modules that are well-designed and easy-to-use. These include:


* Discover: users can discover a world of new restaurants and bars in their neighbourhood. It’s ideal for people who are bored with the same old thing, or who simply want to experience something new and exciting.


* Message: Users can send and receive messages with new people and old friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email. Users can also share images with select recipients or the entire Byber community, and create their custom profile.


* Flirt: users can casually – and fearlessly – break the ice and show their interest by using Byber’s flirt feature. If they get a “flirt” in return, the game is on.


* Maps: even people who have lived in a city for years can find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and unable to find the bar or restaurant they want. However, with Byber’s maps feature, this is no longer a problem. Users can see where they are, and where they need to go.


* Events: Byber makes organizing group events – such as birthdays, bachelor parties, and so on – fast and easy. Users simply use the app to pick where they want to hold an event, select a time, add a title, and send it to attendees. From start to finish the process can take less than a minute.


And now the latest version of Byber for both iOS and Android features an enhanced user interface that makes usage simpler and navigation more intuitive.


Byber 1.2.6 is Free and available through the App Store. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

PDF Downloader and Reader 7.0 for iOS: Download PDF files to Your Device

iAppsTechnology has released PDF Downloader and Reader 7.0, its PDF app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The app allows you to download any PDF files directly from web using in-build browser and read off-line. It also provides various features which is really cool because you can mark favorite, bookmark, share the PDF files as you like

Features of this app include:
* Easy to use and download
* Search from Internet and easy to download
* Built-In browser for download
* No limit for downloads
* Download multiply files
* Built-In reader
* Easy to Read and mark favourite your book
* Bookmark features while reading any books
* Resume/Pause Features display speed and size
* Read offline and store locally within App
* Share the PDF via email
* Print the PDF using built-in printer function
* Clean and elegant graphics


PDF Downloader and Reader 7.0 is free and available through the App Store.

SenseMail Privacy App is Secure, Versatile and Easy-to-Use

Individual and business users who are wisely concerned about online privacy, especially given the skyrocketing surge in hacker attacks, can now get the peace of mind they need with SenseMail: an extraordinarily secure, easy-to-use iOS app that safeguards communications.


Unlike conventional online privacy apps that only protect some data – and therefore leave gaping holes for hackers to exploit with alarming speed and ease – SenseMail is unique in that it locks down absolutely everything on a device – emails, address books, notes, gallery and so on – without exception. As a result, each piece of a user’s communication ecosystem is constantly protected with a compress-encrypt-sign methodology that is widely considered as the most secure available:

* Data is GZip deflated (except for image attachments, which are already compressed)
* Data is encrypted with AES-256 and salted to thwart pseudo-random key fears
* HMAC-SHA256 keyed-hash message authentication code is added to the data
* Everything is converted to BASE64


It’s also notable that SenseMail deliberately has no back-end servers, and as such it cannot store any passwords or access user data. In fact, the app’s commitment to security is so total and uncompromising, that SenseMail cannot help users recover lost passwords, and it doesn’t collect any analytics. The only servers that SenseMail ever connects with are those that users specify.


And that wasn’t enough, users who are obsessed with privacy and can’t understand why other people aren’t will appreciate SenseMail’s All-or-Nothing Transform (AONT) feature, which makes encryption stronger without changing key length, and as such makes a successful brute-force attack a virtual impossibility.


At the same time, SenseMail is versatile and easy-to-use. It’s compatible with almost all email service providers that allow TLS IMAP connections, supports OAuth 2.0 for Google Mail, works with multiple email accounts and folders (e.g. inbox, sent, starred, etc.), and can read and send unencrypted messages.


In addition, instead of forcing users to try and remember – but invariably forget – ultra-strong passwords complete with a dizzying sequence of letters, numbers and symbols, SenseMail has an innovative built-in tool that provides a pre-shared key. Once users exchange it with their recipient, they can easily safeguard their email with the strongest encryption available.


SenseMail – secure email client 1.3 is $9.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category.

President Crush is Presidential Fun for Android and iOS

Crush Studio is proud to announce the release of President Crush 1.1, an update to their fun-to-play game title for iOS and Android devices. President Crush allows game players worldwide to to put their money where their mouth is on the Presidency of the United States of America.


President Crush brings a hilarious take to the idea of the POTUS, and helps to provide a fast-paced introduction to an exciting game:

* Extremely addictive, pacy gameplay
* Various game modes for increased replay value
* Detailed graphical design and presentation, including hilarious sound effects
* More than 300 Arcade Mode levels
* Leadership boards to rank players as the best of all-time
* Unique achievement list to unlock points


Designed as the ultimate aim at the recent elections, President Crush goes a long way to adding a bit of humour to what has been a very serious month. With an addictive gameplay pace, players simply need to match up three or more Presidents in the same order, to trigger the Chain Reaction. When this kicks in, the matched President is eliminated from the table. Using special abilities to get through each President faster, players can build up rapid combos and score major points as they move around the board, winning.


Designed to offer an addictive and exciting pace, the pace of gameplay here lends itself to an extremely easy run of plays. Players must fight against the clock to crush through as many POTUS candidates as possible, whilst dealing with different events each time – the speed that players crush at and the variety of Presidents caught will help to determine success.


Players of all age must tackle these stimulating little events and fight through each of the levels in both difficulty modes. Addictive gameplay challenges the gamer to complete challenges, take on different speeds and difficulties, and never give up. By Moving to the pace of the game players can engage with more than 300 levels, all offering different hurdles to overcome. Just like a real Presidential race, this is a race to the bottom!


The graphical element was a major factor in the creation of President Crush, ensuring that as clear a likeness as possible is given to every POTUS who appears. With a faithful layer of detail included for each section along with an easy to work with interface, President Crush could not be any simpler to play.


President Crush 1.1 is Free and available through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Projecte Omega – A New Way to Dream

Projecte Omega, a neuroscientific company specializing in the development of audiovisual technological tools that train and enhance brain capacities in 2D and 3D environments with augmented reality capability, launches to the market a set of neurorelaxing infographic images to promote the reconciliation of sleep through devices based on iOS and Mac.


The brain continues to work actively. It never rests, not even during sleep. However, it needs our mind to be disconnected to perform without interference with maintenance tasks that will enable us to face the next day in good physical and mental condition. Our governing body consumes one fifth of the total supply of glucose and oxygen to the body, despite the fact that it only represents 2% of body weight in our species. Nighttime rest is vital for our body.


With this release Projecte Omega aims to reach the population as a whole with an efficient tool to help sleep at a reasonable price and does not require therapeutic follow-up.


Projecte Omega was conceived in the mid-90’s, due to the need to find new visual elements for neural stimulation to enhance brain plasticity, an innate feature of the human brain. This plasticity refers to the capacity of the neural networks to adapt and respond to a new or remodelled function. Our project is based on neural stimulation of the brain. It is a powerful complementary diagnostic tool for disorders in neurological development, behaviour disorders, cognitive impairment and training in cognitive prevention.


In previous qualitative studies developed during fieldwork with the Visuals Neuromodelators Omega applications and programs, we found a noticeable degree of post-surgery recovery in a population of 1019 patients with different pathologies: Behaviour disorders, Mental Retardation, Autism, Dyslexia, Ictus, Alzheimer’s, Phobias, Paranoia and Stress.


Projecte Omega is $1.99 and is available worldwide through the iBook Store in the Health & Fitness category.

Projecte Omega
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Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games

IDSI has released Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games 1.0.9, their popular game title for iOS devices. The perfect educational game for families to spend hours of fun, Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games was developed for children 5-13 to learn about nutrition and good eating habits. The game offers information and education for children on adults on how to eat healthy.

Richard Pizza's Hungry Games

Richard Pizza is hosting the first annual Hungry Games in the heart of downtown Pizza Town and needs your help! Help Pizza Boy run a race with the objective to grab as many water bottles as possible and avoid the soda cans along the way. In order to boost the population and spur economic development, you can help Richard Pizza by playing games, collecting character cards, and expanding Pizza Town!


* Help shake the salt off the pretzel
* Save broccoli’s from being cheesed
* The grapes are hungry! Quick make balanced peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
* Feed the bunny the foods she needs to stay healthy
* Avoid drinking soda and get pizza boy to the end of the race
* Help keep the water bottle hydrated


Collect all the Pizza Town citizens to help rebuild Pizza Town! Gain additional gems and coins (only available in the US App Store). Learn together with your family about healthy eating and nutrition by planning this fun and educational game. It’s the perfect game to play over Christmas and the holidays:


Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games 1.0.9 is Free and available now through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

Hello! Georgia Joins Magzter Family

Magzter, the world’s largest digital magazine newsstand, adds another exciting edition of Hello! magazine to its catalogue. Magzter, which has been already digitally publishing Hello! magazine from the UK, India and Thailand, and ¡Hola! magazine from Spain and Mexico, has now brought on board Hello! Georgia, which is a delightful news to Georgian-speaking readers all over the world.


Like every edition of Hello! magazine, Hello! Georgia also publishes exciting columns on the most admired celebrities from around the world. The magazine also covers the latest trends in beauty, fashion, home décor and travel.


This monthly Georgian-language magazine is priced at US$19.99 for an annual subscription on Magzter.


Hello! Georgia also comes as a treat to Magzter GOLD users, who can enjoy reading it along with 4,000+ other international digital magazines.