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Wild West Meets Modern with Waterfield Maverick Leather Laptop Messenger

WaterField Designs, a San Francisco designer-manufacturer of custom laptop sleeves, bags and cases, debuts the Maverick Leather Messenger, a premium laptop bag reminiscent of a Wild West postal satchel with functionality for modern-day professionals. Each Maverick is cut from a single full-grain leather hide with few seams and will develop a gorgeous patina over time. With padded laptop and tablet compartments and internal accessory pockets inside a raw-leather interior, the Maverick brings old-world artisanship into the digital age.

Wild West Meets Modern with Waterfield Maverick Leather Laptop Messenger

“In an increasingly disposable society, the American-Made Maverick Messenger Bag bucks the trend. It is built to last,” said owner Gary Waterfield. “This bag invites attention and will grow with you to bear the marks of your own unique story; it will look even more beautiful years from now than it does today.”


The Maverick’s uncluttered design keeps the bag compact, even when full. It features waxed-canvas, padded laptop and tablet compartments, and comes in a choice of two sizes: the Compact fits the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and other 13-inch Macs, and the Full fits the 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina and similarly-sized laptops. Each also includes a 12.9-inch padded tablet pocket. Opposite that are two waxed-canvas accessory pockets, the first with a self-locking zipper to secure valuables and a second, open-topped for easy access. An angled shoulder strap and matching leather shoulder pad enhance comfort. A leather grab handle, secured with strong rivets, offers a more formal carrying option. The laptop messenger bag’s double leather flap closes with a leather tab and a secure screw stud, adjustable to two lengths.


The Maverick’s minimalist design highlights the bag’s exquisite leather and classic look. Available in black, chocolate or grizzly full-grain leather, each bag is cut from a single hide, ensuring an even tone and feel throughout. Thick, supple leather gives the bag structure. Inside, a raw leather main compartment shows off the beauty of the leather and the bag’s careful construction.


Padded laptop and tablet compartments:
* Compact – 13-inch padded laptop compartment fits MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and all 13-inch Macs. Padded tablet compartment fits up to 12.9-inch iPad Pro or similar tablet.


* Full – 15-inch padded laptop compartment fits MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Retina and similarly-sized laptops. Padded tablet compartment fits up 12.9-inch iPad Pro or similar tablet.


* Compact – 10.5 x 13.5 x 3.5 inches; 2.3 lbs.
* Full – 11.5 x 18 x 4.25 inches. 2.5 lbs.


Maverick Leather Laptop Messenger – Price: Compact – $299 / Full – $329 (USD)
Colors: Full-grain leather in black, chocolate or grizzly. Each bag is cut from a single hide. Pre-order now: Shipping begins February 7, 2017.

Endangered Animals – Practice Statistics – New Educational iPad App

Gebo Kano ehf. today is proud to announce the release of Endangered Animals – Practise Statistics 1.0, a new educational title developed for iPad. Endangered Animals – Practise Statistics is a statistics, nature knowledge and math education rolled into one. Learn about animals in danger and other environmental issues through an interactive trip through statistics and facts.

Endangered Animals - Practice Statistics - New Educational iPad App

Learn statistical concepts
* The mode
* Least value
* Greatest value
* The median
* The mean


Create and read charts and tables
* Frequency tables
* Line charts
* Bar charts
* Pie Charts


Endangered Animals – Practise statistics is an interactive educational material for children aged 9 to 12. The app contains realistic projects about statistics and is created as extra material along with conventional statistic teaching methods. Additionally, the app includes simple explanations of the concepts and operations that are used in the projects. The theme is endangered animals, and it’s full of information about animals and environmental issues. Therefore, it’s ideal for themed work about the environment or animals or as entertainment for children with a special interest in animals.


Each chapter starts with an introduction of the chapter’s content. After the introduction, the user solves statistic problems related to the chapter’s material. Some of the tasks involve answering questions from data and pre-made charts. In others, the users make their charts from data. In the Panda chapter, for example, the user is supposed to investigate how much bamboo a group of pandas eat on average in a day and the Rhinoceros chapter, the user ought to make a bar chart demonstrating the horn size of couple of rhinos.


A help page opens when a user enters a chapter for the first time. The help explains the concepts and operations relevant to that chapter. In chapters about line charts the help explains line charts, in chapters about bar charts, the help focuses on those and so on. This help does not open automatically when the user enters a chapter a that has been opened before, but it can always be accessed by tapping the help button for operations.


Help for the interface with information about how the interface works is also available at the tap of a button. Among other things, it includes information about how to create bar charts, how the calculator works and how to answer questions of each type. The material is not set up in a particular order so the user can work on the chapters in any order they wish, repeat them if necessary or only work on selected chapters. It’s, therefore, possible to pick and choose those chapters identified with the school material being worked on at any given time.


Every part has few tasks. Intriguing information about the material is shown between tasks. When a user finishes a chapter, recognition in the form of an information card about the animal being worked on is opened. The information card appears in the animal book which can be accessed from the app’s main menu. The app is designed by a primary school teacher and takes into account math, nature and statistics curriculum.


Endangered Animals – Practise Statistics 1.0 is $2.99 and available through the App Store in the Education category.

Geff – The Virtual Guitar Effects Rack for OS X

Indie developer, Nikolas Konstantakopoulos from Granny’s Audio today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Geff 1.0, his new virtual guitar rack for OS X. Geff is a standalone audio effects application to use with your guitar, like you would a collection of stompboxes. It includes a variety of effects from the following categories, including Drive, Delay Lines, Filtering, Dynamics, Time Modulators, Amplitude Modulators, Reverb and more. Add as many effects and re-arrange them as you like.

Geff - The Virtual Guitar Effects Rack for OS X

Geff is separated to three components, Header or Input component, Middle or Effects, and the Footer or Output component. As their names suggest, the Input component manages the audio input, the Effects create and includes the used effects, and the output manages the audio output. In addition, Geff has the ability to map your MIDI controller to almost any of its parameters, very easy. Geff’s offers many useful features, including:


Header / Input:
* Stereo Input supported
* Change input channel on the fly
* 3 band input equalizer


* 39 effects to choose from (see bellow for the full list)
* Add as many effects as needed
* Any effect type can be created multiple times (e.g. having 3 “Vanilla Overdrive” effects)
* Rearrange or delete effects with a simple click
* Every effect can be temporary bypassed
* Every effect has a minimized view


Footer / Output:
* 3 band output equalizer
* One click fast output mute – This is as a precaution for any loud noise from stacking many distortions or useing to much feedback
* Output audio level
* Record our audio


Mapping – The mapping of a MIDI controller to Geff’s controls is very easy and fast:
1) Toggle the MIDI mapping ON (indicated by the flashing icon);
2) Hover your mouse over the Geff’s control you want to map;
3) Move the MIDI controller you want to assign to that Geff’s control;
4) Repeat for any other mappings you want;
5) Done!


Effects List:
* Drives – Vanilla Overdrive | Non Linear Overdrive | Driver Tan | Distortion | Fuzzy | Cheby 500 | The Crusher
* Dynamics – Noise Gate | Normalizer | Compressor | Expander | Limiter
* Modulation (Time) – Chorus | Chorus-er | Flanger | Wah-Wah | Level Wah | Phasor | Level Phasor | Vibrato
* Modulation (Amplitude) – Tremolo | Amplitude Modulation | Ring Modulation
* Delays – Delonely | All Star Delay | Reverse Delay | Multi-Tap Delay
* Pitch Shift – Pitch Shift (Delay based) | Pitch Shift (FFT based) | Octaver
* Reverb and Misc – Reverb | Stutter
* Equalization – Bottom Shelf | Top Shelf | 1 Band Eq | 3 Band Eq | 15 Band Eq | 31 Band Eq | FFT Gate


Geff 1.0 is $19.99 and available through the Mac App Store in the Music category.

PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2 is Available Free for a Limited Time Only

Xi’an Pantuo Internet Technology, Ltd. is proud to announce the German language version of their popular PDF editor, PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2, will be free for a limited time. PDF Bearbeiten Mac allows Mac users to easily modify and edit PDF documents. Anyone can add text, insert images, remove unwanted content, draw lines and rotate document pages, all without the need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on their Mac.


PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2 – and the accompanying Windows version, PDF Bearbeiten for Windows – will be available free for a limited time. The app is usually priced at 29,99 EUR, but through February 20,2017 Mac and Windows users can download the popular PDF editor at no cost.


“We have received wonderful feedback from the users of PDF Bearbeiten, and they tell us the love the app and find it incredibly useful,” says Xi’an Pantuo Internet Technology, Ltd. CEO Woody Wu. “We decided the best way to demonstrate how great the app is to everyone is to do a giveaway, putting it into the hands of users who wanted to try the app, but were reluctant to spend the money. We know once those users try PDF Bearbeiten, they’ll tell others about it!”


Features include:
* Add text, and move it to any location on the PDF page
* Set text to any size, font or color
* Easily fill out PDF forms
* Use the app’s Eraser Tool to delete unwanted text or graphics
* Rotate PDF pages by 90, 180, or 270 degree, both for current or all pages
* Add images to any PDF. Adjust the height, width, and position of the image
* App supports most popular image formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and more
* Use the Pen, V-Line and H-Line tools to draw lines
* Add a watermark to a PDF document, using text or an image
* Merge several PDF documents to a single PDF file


In the past, Mac users were required to pay out a large sum of cash to gain the ability to edit and save PDF documents. But now, PDF Bearbeiten Mac makes it easy to edit any PDF files in a short period of time. Users can add, edit or delete text and graphics, fill out PDF forms, watermark images, and more, all without being required to have the expensive Adobe Acrobat suite of applications installed on their Mac.


PDF Bearbeiten Mac is usually 29,99 EUR, but fast-acting German Mac users can download the full version of the application for free, now through February 20, 2017, via the PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2 Giveaway website. Windows users can also grab a free version of the app for their machines by visiting the PDF Bearbeiten for Windows Giveaway website.


PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2 is usually priced at 29,99 EUR (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) but is available free now through February 20, 2017. The app is available worldwide via the PDF Bearbeiten for Mac Giveaway website. A free download of the Windows version is also available. Review copies are available upon request.

PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2
PDF Bearbeiten Mac 3.2 Giveaway
PDF Bearbeiten for Windows
PDF Bearbeiten for Windows Giveaway

Start the Brand-New 2017 with DVDFab

Fengtao Software, the industry leader in the field of DVD, Blu-ray and video backup solutions, launches the 1st promotional sales to welcome the approaching New Year 2017, offering a storewide 25% coupon on all its shareware products, with the only exception to the video converter software, which is being offered at 40% off. The warm-up promotion of 2017 starts today, and runs into February, closing on the 6th. Read on for the detailed story.


Storewide 25% off on All the Shareware Products:
To welcome the arrival of the all-new 2017 and also the upcoming lunar calendar based Chinese New Year, known to many westerners as the Spring Festival, Fengtao Software has made a very big resolution to offer a 25% decent discount on its storewide products, including its world famous DVD copy software, Passkey, media player, and also the data care portfolios covering the iOS data recovery software iFoneRestore and the PC Backup software.


The coupon works on both the Windows versions and their macOS counterparts. If you are currently looking for an all-in-one solution package which takes care of all your diversified needs on DVD/Blu-ray backup, authoring and video conversion, this could be the perfect timing to get its No. 1 bestseller of all time – DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift. The package packs all the lifetime versions of its DVD copy, DVD ripper, Blu-ray copy, Blu-ray ripper, and six other modules into one bundle. Besides, purchasing this package during this promotion time period not only saves you 25%, but also brings you an extra $20 Amazon Gift Card as a free gift. Make your resolution fast, as the offer shall end on Feb. 6, 2017.


Save 40% on the Awesome Video Converter Software:
The storewide 25% coupon mentioned above is not the only advantage you can take for granted during the promotion. There is also another 40% decent discount being offered to anyone who might be interested in the video converter software. DVDFab Video Converter is quite an amazing piece of video converter that has the capability to convert between any two video formats, popular or peculiar, so that users can watch their wanted videos on a certain portable or mobile device they own, such as an iPhone 7, an iPad Pro, a Google Pixel phone, or a Samsung Galaxy S7, etc. In other words, this video converter will convert all your video collections with just a few mouse clicks with outstanding video quality. If you want to take the advantage of the 40% discount, then don’t wait too long.


For the detailed terms and conditions of the 2017 Warm-up Promotion, please visit DVDFab online.

iDelete Cleaner for iOS Improves Performance by Deleting Junk Files

ProtectStar today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of iDelete Cleaner for iOS 2017, their easy-to-use performance enhancing solution for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. With the simple push of a button, any iOS user can quickly and securely improve the performance of their device by connecting it to any Mac and running iDelete Cleaner.

iDelete Cleaner for iOS Improves Performance by Deleting Junk Files

While the iOS mobile operating system does a good job of keeping track of temporary files and disposing of them when no longer needed, it can’t rid a device of every junk file. In addition to improperly written apps that crash and leave behind unwanted files, simply browsing the web and editing documents, such as photo & videos, can leave behind orphaned files that take up precious storage space. This can potentially affect the performance of the device.


iDelete Cleaner for iOS offers users an extremely high caliber of cleaning for their devices. The app features the same award-winning deletion method used by the popular iShredder app to isolate and securely remove unwanted junk files. Three years of development and feedback from hundreds of thousands of users have led to the development of a detection and deletion algorithm of the highest class.


“As iOS device owners continue to use their device over a period of time, they may find the device’s performance isn’t as snappy as it once was. This is due to the junk files left behind by using apps, surfing the web, and editing photos and videos on their device,” says Chris Bohn, CEO of ProtectStar. “In just a few minutes, iDelete Cleaner for iOS can identify and securely delete these junk files, simultaneously improving the device’s performance, and reclaiming precious storage space!”


* Secure cleaning of temporary data
* Cleaning of junk data, caches, log files, downloads, data of 3rd party apps, and more
* Innovative search and collection algorithm
* Compatible with all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models
* Compatible with all iOS versions
* Advanced cleaning report
* Possibility to securely overwrite temporary data using the Australian ISM 6.2.92 deletion algorithm
* Includes 1 year technical support and free upgrades (Optional Care Plan includes 3 years)
* 24/7 Support by email


Like all of ProtectStar’s utilities, iDelete Cleaner for iOS offers the highest level of security available to consumers today. The app does not simply delete unwanted files; it overwrites them by using the ISM 6.2.92 deletion procedure – certified by the Australian Ministry of Defense. ProtectStar sees the cleanup of temporary data as an important step in the protection of a user’s personal information, so iDelete Cleaner ensures any files that may contain fragments of personal information are securely deleted and overwritten.


Once the process is complete, the app supplies a comprehensive cleaning report showing exactly how many files were deleted, the amount of storage space that was reclaimed, and even a complete listing of the files, (and their file sizes), that were deleted. The app also supplies other useful information such as iOS version, model number, serial number & UDID of the device, and much more. The report can be printed or saved as a PDF for later reference.


iDelete Cleaner for iOS offers any iOS user the ability to securely clean their devices of unneeded files, thereby keeping them running in tip-top shape, with just the click of a single button on their Mac computer. A Windows version will be released in January 2017.


iDelete Cleaner for iOS 2017 is only $24.90 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the ProtectStar website. A demo version is available for download. A Windows version will be released in January 2017.


Space Toads Mayhem is Coming to GEEK 2017

LimeVibe Games is delighted to announce that Space Toads Mayhem (listed by Kotaku UK as one of notable upcoming shooters of 2017) will be coming to GEEK 2017 held at Dreamland Margate (Kent, UK). Paying homage to classics from the 1980s, this arcade-style, topdown shooter will be part of the Indie Zone throughout the whole event, from 17th to 19th February 2017.

Space Toads Mayhem is Coming to GEEK 2017

For five years GEEK has been bringing people together to meet, make, and play. Taking place in Dreamland’s iconic and newly refurbished Hall By The Sea, in the Roller Room, Ballroom and the arcade area, this time around GEEK will be encouraging everyone to participate in all genres of gaming: board games, computer games, retro and next generation, card games and real world games.


Fans of retro-inspired shoot ’em ups who may have played the first version of Space Toads Mayhem at Insomnia 59 will be treated to a succulent new demo – with new levels and mission briefings among many other awesome things.


“Our first public demo at Insomnia 59 was a great success. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it was awesome to see all the amazing gamers and devs.” says Lukasz Snopkiewicz. “We’re really looking forward to GEEK 2017 – meeting people, seeing them play the game, their joy and their reactions is absolutely epic! As we approach placing Space Toads Mayhem on Steam Greenlight, we’ll certainly continue presenting the game on events like that” he continues.


The complete game, coming to PC and Mac in 2017, will offer a single player campaign as well two arcade modes: survival and hardcore – the latter shall prove challenging even to seasoned coin-op veterans. More information and regular updates can be found on the game’s website and social media. Media are encouraged to contact Lukasz regarding interviews, features and demo requests via his Twitter or email.

Geeks vs Gangsters – An Addictive Idle Experience

After a lot of polishing, Idle Game Studio today is very pleased to announce the release of Geeks vs Gangsters 1.0.1, the company’s new mobile idle game for iOS and Android devices. Gigantic amounts of money, thousands of upgrades and near limitless possibilities through an extensive talent system are waiting to be discovered in Geeks vs Gangsters. In a struggle for wealth and power, the two iconic factions, Geeks and Gangsters, are battling each other in the form of monthly competitions to finally settle which path leads to true prosperity. It’s up to you who is going to take the lead, are you a Geek or are you a Gangster?

Geeks vs Gangsters - An Addictive Idle Experience

“I love idle games. I’ve played a lot of idle games since the genre emerged, but I felt like every title missed that little something special. It all began when I thought it would be awesome to have an idle game with this and that feature, why didn’t anyone code that yet?” explained Lars Krakhecke, owner and founder of Idle Game Studio. “I took a dive into the world of Unity3D game development. Everything was going great and after testing an early build, my friend asked me to publish this game, and so Idle Game Studio was born. It seemed to be a daunting task, creating that first game all by myself. There was a whole lot of work to do, starting from creating assets and ending with a solid marketing plan, but step by step it beautifully transformed into my passion project. The only thing I could do was to make it my passion project to create that one idle game of my dreams and I can’t believe I really did it! Now that Geeks vs Gangsters is out, I’m already planning on creating more exciting new games, Idle Game Studio certainly won’t stay idle for long!”


Tap your way to incredible richness, team up with your friends and lead your team to victory in the competitions. Buy all those tasty upgrades and unlock every feature hidden in Geeks vs Gangsters. Are you up for the ultimate idle challenge?


Geeks vs Gangsters 1.0.1 is Free and available through the App Store. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.