Exercise Your Brain with Innecto, The Puzzle Game for iPhone and iPad

45RPM Software today is proud to announce the release of Innecto 1.2 for iOS. Research shows that too much sugar rots your mind as well as your teeth, making it hard to concentrate. Put the Candy to one side and give your brain a real workout with Innecto.


Innecto seems so easy and relaxing; the little tiles twist satisfyingly into place as you race against the clock to complete each board in the least time with the least number of moves. The difficulty ramps up though – and you’ll need all your skill to get to the end.


There are more than 100 levels and each one is calculated by the computer so no two games will be the same – giving Innecto great replay value. The game design, code, tile graphics, and segment typeface are all the work of Pascal Harris (45RPM Software) and the music and sound design is the work of Richard Hanson (Highfish Recordings) with additional music production by David Jamieson. Many people have tested Innecto – and we really hope that you enjoy the final result.


Innecto Features:
* Gorgeous Retina graphics
* Addictive gameplay
* Randomly generated levels
* An amazing soundtrack that you’ll be humming for weeks
* GameCenter integration
* In-app purchases of extra hints (in case you run out)
* Help and hints on game play


Innecto 1.2 is available in two versions: a Freemium version and an up-front paid-for version is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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