Review: Remote Control, Keyboard & Trackpad for Mac [Pro]

Users who are looking for an easy way to control their Mac remotely, whether it be from across the room or another room entirely, can now make use of an app from developer Evgeny Cherpak, called “Remote Control, Keyboard & Trackpad for Mac [Pro].” This handy app allows Mac users to control their favorite computer via their iPhone or iPad touchscreen, controlling the keyboard, mouse, apps, and settings of their Mac from anywhere in their home or office, as long as they’re on the same Wi-Fi network.


Review: Remote Control, Keyboard & Trackpad for Mac [Pro]



Remote Control, Keyboard & Trackpad for Mac [Pro] is an easy-to-use iOS app which works with a small Remote app loaded on the Mac, and allows users to control their Mac’s keyboard and mouse via their device’s touchscreen. In addition to controlling the keyboard and mouse, the app allows users to start any app installed on their Mac, (and quit the app for that matter). It also allows controlling the Mac’s audio, playing of media, and even activating AirPlay to stream your Mac’s screen to your Apple TV or other AirPlay-enabled device.


The Remote Control, Keyboard & Trackpad for Mac [Pro] app also comes in handy for locking your Mac when you’re away, putting it to sleep, waking it, logging out, restarting, shutting down, and much more. Users can also start and stop the screensaver, eject and close the DVD tray on older macs, turn the display off, or increase and decrease the brightness of the display.


Features Include:

  • Control your Mac volume using volume knob or volume buttons of your iPhone or iPad
  • Media player controls that work with your favorite media players like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and others
  • Keyboard and Trackpad for web browsing on your big screen TV connected to your Mac from your couch
  • Launch and quit apps from any place in your home or office
  • Put your Mac to Sleep, Restart or Shutdown immediately or schedule these and other actions for later


I found the app to be easy-to-use and quite responsive. It was also easy to setup, and when first starting the app instructed me how to install the partnering app on my Mac, and how to connect my iPhone with my Mac in order to control it from my device.


Review: Remote Control, Keyboard & Trackpad for Mac [Pro]


There is little to no lag when typing and controlling the mouse on the screen of my Mac, with the pointer and keyboard entries responding immediately when I touched my iPhone’s touchscreen. I found the features of the app to be quite helpful to someone who, like myself, works from home. When I am away from my keyboard, Toni Stark, the office cat, enjoys taking over the writers chair and attempting a bit of her own prose. I was able to shutdown my Mac or put it to sleep when needed, avoiding any impromptu “editing” by Toni.


I enjoy viewing videos stored on my Mac’s hard drive on my big screen HDTV, and also enjoy taking advantage of its big screen for a bit of web surfing and such. The ability of the app to control AirPlay, allowing me to stream my Mac’s screen to my HDTV, plus the ability to control my Mac’s installed media players, makes the app one that will be staying on my iPhone for well after I finish this review.




Remote Control, Keyboard & Trackpad for Mac [Pro] is an easy to setup, and easy-to-use app, which proves to be well worth the $2.99 USD cost of admission. The app takes only a few moments to install and setup on both the iPhone and Mac, and connecting the two units was a breeze.


The app offers complete control of any Mac via any iOS device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The ability to control the Mac’s keyboard, mouse, apps, and settings, as well as media and volume control, and AirPlay streaming makes the app one that would make a worthy addition to any Mac user’s toolbox.


Rating: 4.5/5.0


Price: $2.99 – Available in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]. – A free version is also available to try before you buy. [GET THE FREE VERSION HERE]


Note: The above review was commissioned by the developer, and has been written in an objective, unbiased fashion.

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