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DEVONthink To Go 2.1 Adds Interoperability, Printing, and More

DEVONtechnologies updates DEVONthink’s iOS companion, DEVONthink To Go, with new features, workflow improvements, and bug fixes. Version 2.1 makes documents stored in its databases available to third-party apps so that users can open them externally, edit them, and save changes back without cumbersome roundtrips. Documents can be printed and 1Password integration facilitates entering credentials. The update is free and recommended for all users.

DEVONthink To Go 2.1 Adds Interoperability, Printing, and More

DEVONthink To Go 2.1 makes documents stored in its databases securely available to other apps. The so-called document provider extension allows users to navigate their databases from within third-party apps and open compatible documents. Edits made externally are saved directly back to DEVONthink To Go. The fast full-text search locates documents almost instantly without even leaving the host app.


Many productivity apps including Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote support document providers right away. Other apps can use them through the ‘Locations’ button of the iCloud Drive picker.


In addition, DEVONthink To Go 2.1 adds native printing of many document formats. Integrated 1Password support saves roundtrips to the 1Password app for web pages viewed inside the app as well as for setting up WebDAV sync locations. A settings option for the PDF scroll direction – vertically or horizontally – ends the fight over the ‘right’ direction by giving users the choice.


Version 2.1 also improves clipping data from other apps, e.g. from Safari. The enhanced Clip to DEVONthink share extension retrieves the title and a preview image for web pages as well as the original URL for articles clipped from the News app. Web archives created with Clip to DEVONthink or inside the app are now fully indexed and searchable too.


Finally, searching inside of PDFs again lists page titles and page numbers, Markdown documents support referenced images, and sheets are displayed more compact. The synchronization better avoids memory peaks and more efficiently handles situations where multiple sync locations synchronize the same sync stores. The update is free for existing users and highly recommended.


DEVONthink To Go 2.1 requires iOS 9.1 or later and is available for $14.99 USD through the iOS App Store in the Productivity category. Some features require a one-time in-app purchase. Customers find more information about our apps on the DEVONtechnologies website. Eric Bohnisch-Volkmann also posts news, opinions, previews, and public betas in his blog Devonian Times.

plasq Introduces Comic Draw for Schools

plasq(R) today unveiled Comic Draw for Schools, a full-featured comic creation application for iPad. Designed with Apple’s iPad Pro and Pencil in mind, Comic Draw for Schools provides a comprehensive suite of drawing tools, fast and easy script editing and lettering.

plasq Introduces Comic Draw for Schools

“iPad, and especially iPad Pro, is an incredible creative platform,” said Robert Grant, plasq’s CEO. “Now, with Comic Draw for Schools, students of all artistic levels can easily create and share complete multi-page comics right on their iPad. We’re excited to see all the new creative potential this will unleash for students.”


Comic Draw for Schools is perfect for creative learning; aiding students to develop planning, conceptual thinking and design skills. Comic Draw for Schools helps students learn about sequential storytelling and allows for student expression. Comic Draw for Schools has everything students require: brushes, fonts and tools to make creating cartoons and comics a fun and easy learning experience.


Drawing in Comic Draw for Schools is divided between two separate modes: Sketching and Inking & Coloring. The Sketching interface is distinct and simplified allowing students to focus on creating the simple forms that underlie their final artwork. Once sketching is complete the Inking & Coloring interface brings additional tools and brushes so that the artwork can be refined. Students will find a variety of brushes and color palettes to get them started all of which are customizable. Comic Draw for Schools also incorporates advanced features such as blending, masking, filtering, layer groups and multiple perspective guides per page in order to support the most ambitious projects.


For script-editing and lettering Comic Draw for Schools inherits many capabilities from the Apple Design Award-winning Comic Life. Students can refine their story in the script editor, outlining ideas for panels and character dialogue. When lettering, text from the script can easily be dragged and dropped onto the comic pages. A comprehensive style system allows for easy and consistent typography and graphic design. Balloons and their associated tails can be positioned and reshaped as needed, while lettering can be warped for dramatic effect. The lettering elements can also be previewed while sketching ensuring that the entire page will work together before final artwork commences.


When the comic is complete students can share in various formats – PDF, JPG, PNG, ePUB and the native Comic Draw format to be shared with other students for collaboration.


Device Requirements:
Comic Draw for Schools require iOS 9.1 or higher. Comic Draw for Schools also requires a 64-bit capable iPad (i.e. iPad Air or more recent.)


Pricing and Availability:
Comic Draw for Schools is available from the iTunes App Store and Volume Purchase Program for Education store. Comic Draw for Schools is US$19.99. When schools purchase more than 20 licenses on the Volume Purchase Programme for Education store the price is US$9.99.

Unmarked Software Releases TextSoap 8.3.1 Update

Unmarked Software today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of TextSoap(R) 8.3.1, an update to its award-winning text processing and editing utility for macOS. TextSoap 8.3.1 is a maintenance release designed to improve stability and address issues reported by customers.


Among the issues addressed in this release:
* TextSoap Menu would (sometimes) require two clicks to display currently selected group.
* Function keys (without a modifier) could not be used as hot keys to activate cleaners in TextSoap Menu.
* Title Case action cleaner could cause crash with some text.
* Additional under-the-hood changes made that improve reliability.


The TextSoap 8.3.1 update is free of charge to all TextSoap 8 customers. Customers who purchased directly may download the update immediately from the Unmarked Software web site or using the check for updates option within the app.


TextSoap saves you time by automating your efforts to fix those strange formatting issues you encounter every day when working with text.


TextSoap 8.3.1 has a suggested retail price of $44.99 (USD). TextSoap may be purchased directly from Unmarked Software. Discounted upgrades for existing customers may be purchased directly from Unmarked Software. Upgrades start at $22.99 (USD).

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Launches on iOS

Application Systems today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Nelly Cootalot 1.1, the company’s new adventure game title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The game was selected by Apple as Best of Mac App Store 2016 and is now coming to iOS! Nelly Cootalot was created by award-winning British comedian and filmmaker Alasdair Beckett-King and boasts a fantastic voice cast including Tom Baker (Doctor Who). In this hilarious classical style point & click adventure game pirate heroine Nelly Cootalot sets sail to rescue birds hypnotized by the villainous Baron Widebeard.

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Launches on iOS

Nelly’s journey will take her from Port Rubicund in the South Seas to the lonely isle of Gloomholm in the icy north. Explore a charming hand-drawn world, meet outlandish characters and face perplexing challenges in search of the Treasure of the Seventh Sea. The game offers full voice acting in both English and German, with an incredible cast including the legendary Tom Baker (Doctor Who, Little Britain) and Thomas Reiner (Raumpatrouille Orion, Futurama). It also offers text localisation in French, Spanish and Italian.


* Full Voice-Acting in English & German
* Art & Animation in glorious High Definition
* German, Spanish, Italian & French Localisations
* Over 45 Unique Characters & 35 Locations



Nelly Cootalot first appeared in the 2007 freeware game Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! Alasdair created this short game as a birthday present for his girlfriend, and it became a favourite on the indie adventure scene. In 2013 Alasdair ran a successful Kickstarter to fund a new stand-alone Nelly game. With the support of over 1000 backers, Alasdair teamed up with Application Systems Heidelberg in 2014. With ASH on board, the project rapidly grew in scale, adding cross-platform support, text localisation, German voice acting and tons more animation in glorious High Definition. The budget grew from the modest Kickstarter haul to a six figure sum, with a team of 45+ people across 4 countries. Blimey, we’ve been busy!


With a “pay once – play forever” model, Nelly Cootalot 1.1 is $2.99 and available through the App Store in the Games category. As a bonus the iOS version features a set of pirate themed iMessage stickers.

Mocha VR Revolutionizes Post Workflows for Cinematic 360 degree/VR

Boris FX, in collaboration with Imagineer Systems, are pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Mocha VR, a 360/VR effects and workflow plug-in for Adobe, Avid, and OFX hosts. Based on Imagineer’s Academy Award-winning planar tracking algorithm, Mocha VR is also the first plug-in to bring native 360 degree optimized planar tracking, masking, object removal, and horizon stabilization tools to host applications Adobe(R) Premiere Pro(R) CC, Adobe(R) After Effects(R) CC, Avid Media Composer(R), The Foundry’s NUKE(TM), and Blackmagic Design Fusion.


Mocha VR marks the first foray into the quickly expanding 360 degree filmmaking community by parent company Boris FX, the leading developers of creative VFX plug-ins including flagship products Boris Continuum, Mocha Pro, and recently acquired Sapphire.


“Emerging 360 degree/VR content creators want to produce Hollywood style visuals and use high-end finishing techniques to make their 360 degree videos more impactful,” says Ross Shain, chief marketing officer. “However, the equirectangular format brings technical challenges to the artists tasked with delivering high quality deliverables. Mocha VR introduces an efficient, time-saving post-stitch workflow for editors, compositors, and finishing artists. We are excited that Mocha’s famous planar tracking can now be used to fix many problems associated with 360 degree post, such as removing cameras and stabilizing aerial footage.”


“Avid is committed to working with third-parties to offer the most comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute, and monetize media,” says Kate Ketcham, product manager, Avid. “Boris FX has extensive experience creating high-quality plug-ins for Avid Media Composer. The new Mocha VR AVX plug-in is notable for being the first third-party 360 degree video tool designed to support the Avid editing workflow.”


Early Mocha VR beta testers have reaped the benefits of the powerful new 360 degree/VR workflow.


“Before Mocha VR, we were using Mocha AE to rotoscope for rig removal in 360 degree video projects. With Mocha VR, it is so much easier to do this work!” says Daniel Rojas Roa, 3GO Video Time. “Saving time is a priority, so we are most excited about the horizon stabilization and object removal tools.”


“Mocha VR was crucial in executing the tracking and object removal on our 360 degree/VR degree action series ‘Augmented’,” states Blair Kelly, IGN.


Mocha VR Features:

* 360 degree Planar Tracking: Imagineer’s award-winning planar tracking solution now supports equirectangular footage delivering the world’s most robust 360 degree tracking solution for post-production.

* 360 degree Workspace: Optimized workspace and toolset works simultaneously in rectilinear and lat/long views bringing 360 degree capability to a variety of applications. Editors and artists can easily track, roto, create effects, and insert graphics without worrying about equirectangular seams or distorted pixels.

* 360 degree Masking Tools: Unlimited X-Spline tools for articulate shape creation and masking, saves hours of time versus traditional keyframing techniques. Roto-masks can be rendered back to host or exported to most editing and compositing systems.

* 360 degree Object Removal: Mocha’s famous Remove Module now works on 360 degree video by analyzing temporal frames and removing unwanted camera rigs, shadows, crew members, and more for massive time-savings.

* Horizon Stabilization & Reorient: Designed to reduce unstable motion, the new Reorient Module can drastically improve nausea-inducing VR experiences by smoothing or stabilizing shaky, handheld, and drone captured footage. Driven by robust planar tracking, a user can even track and stabilize difficult and out of focus footage.

* Lens Distort Workflow for 360 degree Compositing: Plug-in based lens correction workflow converts between lat/long and rectilinear for a simple workflow to add titles, graphics, patches, and non-360 enabled filters to your 360 project.

* Plug-in & Standalone Workflows: Running as a plug-in inside industry standard editing and effects applications Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Avid Media Composer, and NUKE provides an immediate and accessible workflow for 360 degree/VR post tasks. Render finished shots to your timeline OR export tracking and roto data in a variety of formats for flexibility and project sharing.


Pricing and Availability:


Plug-in for Adobe, Avid or OFX host:
* New – $995 USD
* Upgrade from Mocha Pro 5 – $300 USD


Standalone Multi-Host Plug-ins:
* New – $1995 USD
* Upgrade from Mocha Pro 5 – $300 USD


Annual Subscription (includes multi-host plug-ins & standalone):
* $795 USD


Supporting: Windows, macOS, and Linux. Plug-in support for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2017, Avid Media Composer, and OFX hosts: The Foundry’s NUKE and Blackmagic Design Fusion.

Maintain Releases Cocktail 10.2.1 (Sierra Edition)

Maintain today is proud to announce the release of Cocktail 10.2.1 (Sierra Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running macOS Sierra 10.12. The update is highly recommended for all users of Cocktail (Sierra Edition).

Maintain Releases Cocktail 10.2.1 (Sierra Edition)

What’s New:
* Added support for unified logging
* Improvements on the “Clear log files” procedure
* Fixed compatibility issues with Adobe Flash Player
* Added macOS Sierra 10.12.3 compatibility
* Updated Help files


Cocktail is a general purpose utility for macOS that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. The application serves up a perfect mix of maintenance tools and tweaks, all accessible through a clean and easy to use interface. Cocktail’s features are arranged into five categories that helps you manage various aspects of your computer. It also comes with an automatic Pilot mode that allows you to simply press a button and relax, knowing that Cocktail will take care of the rest.


* Automatically check S.M.A.R.T. status of disks
* Enable or disable journaling
* Set disk sleep (spindown) time
* Modify standby delay
* Change other disk sleep settings
* Force eject CD/DVD


* Run periodic maintenance scripts
* Purge inactive memory and optimize virtual memory usage
* Manage Spotlight indexing
* Erase Spotlight indexes
* Modify Time Machine settings
* Rebuild Launch Services and Help databases
* Rebuild Mail’s Envelope Index
* Update locate and whatis databases
* Force empty the Trash
* Change startup mode or set startup delay
* Disable startup sound
* Disable Gatekeeper
* Disable Notification Center and App Nap


* Clear system caches
* Clear user caches
* Clear font caches
* Clear virtual memory swap files
* Clear temporary files
* Clear Internet caches
* Clear cookies, download lists, form values and history files
* Clear Adobe Flash Player caches and cookies
* Clear applications caches
* Search for corrupted preference files
* Delete unnecessary localization (language resources) files
* Clear and manage (view, print and save) log files
* Delete invisible DS Store files
* Delete locked or inaccessible items


* Change speed, duplex and MTU of network cards
* Easily optimize network settings for common connection types
* Modify IP configuration parameters
* Configure File Sharing settings


* Customize look and features of Finder, Dock, login window and other system services
* Modify hidden settings of Safari, iTunes and Launchpad


Cocktail is $19.00 (USD) for a single user license and available for purchase from the Maintain website. When unregistered, Cocktail runs in demo mode and will expire after the tenth launch.

MacTech Announces Dates and Topics for 2017 Mactech Pro Events

MacTech, who publishes MacTech Magazine as well as produces live events such as MacTech Pro and MacTech Conference, has announced its lineup of cities, dates, and topics for its 2017 regional events. MacTech’s regional event series, called MacTech Pro, is designed specifically for consultants, techs, and IT Pros who support others using Apple technologies.


MacTech Pro events benefit both return attendees as well as those that have never attended a MacTech event. Held around the country, MacTech Pro is a single-track, hotel based seminar that is specifically geared to serve the needs of professionals wanting to serve those they support better.


There are nine regional events in cities around the United States during 2017, including:

* Seattle – March 15, 2017
* Boston – April 5, 2017
* Atlanta – May 3, 2017
* Washington DC – May 24, 2017
* Denver – June 28, 2017
* New York – July 26, 2017
* Orlando – August 9, 2017
* Chicago – August 30, 2017
* San Francisco – September 27, 2017


“Since 2010, MacTech has produced over 100 conferences, seminars, workshops and accreditation events with nearly 900 sessions of content,” said Neil Ticktin, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, MacTech Magazine and MacTech Pro Event Organizer. “But, the part that’s really special about MacTech events is the community: people getting together, face-to-face, and share their knowledge. It’s what makes this community so special.”


The content is designed by MacTech staff in conjunction with some of the best and brightest in our industry. Topics are chosen based on feedback from the attendees of prior events along with MacTech’s Curriculum Council. Together, session content is vetted, but it also identifies best practices and solutions in the industry.


The topics at each event are:

* Creating a Storage Strategy: Integrating solutions for Cloud, Local, Network with Access, Archive and Backup in Mind
* Deployment Methods: Files, Configurations and Directory Services
* Scripting Python: Solo and Playing with the Other Kids
* Group Discussion: Limited time, limited resources – Best practices to optimize you
* IoT and Home Automation
* Security: Don’t be the low hanging fruit for a hacker
* macOS Troubleshooting: Console is your friend
* The Tools You Should Know


See detail on topics page.


“I’ve been going to MacTech events for years as an attendee, speaker and sessions chair,” said JD Strong, Strong Solutions. “I’m excited about 2017’s topics. Without a doubt, the topics are the strongest and most interesting to date!”


MacTech Pro is economically priced and includes lunch, sessions, and sponsor interaction. Each event has early bird registration pricing available in limited quantity, saving registered attendees up to $200 USD (Normal price: $499, Early Bird Price: $299). Take note of when the early bird period ends for each location. If you’re interested in getting under the hood of your Mac, or if you want to know how to make things happen inside the box, you should be reading MacTech Magazine. Contact the magazine. Toll free: 877-MACTECH, International: 805-494-9797.

Magic Cipher – The True Cross Platform Encryption Product


Area51 Limited have released the long awaited update to R10Cipher. Magic Cipher takes text / files / folder or images and encrypts them using 384 bit Blowfish encryption. Simple but powerful true Cross Platform Encryption tool for macOS, Windows and Linux.

Magic Cipher - The True Cross Platform Encryption Product

One price gets you the license for all supported platforms. True Drag and Drop Encryption, Shared Secret Generator with Strength Meter, Onscreen Virtual Keyboard, File and Folder Compression, Image Watermarks etc. Magic Cipher is primarily designed to enable the secure exchange of information between one or more individuals. As a peer to peer(s) encryption tool Magic Cipher excels.


Benefits Include:
* Simple, Easy to Use
* No Installation Necessary
* Runs from a USB Drive if Required
* Keyboard Shortcuts
* Lightweight – No Installation Necessary
* Encrypt on one Operating System, Decrypt on another
* No System Alterations
* Flexible Licensing Options


Features Include:
* Cross Platform, macOS, Windows 7/8/10, Linux
* Fast / Secure 384 Bit Blowfish Encryption
* Encrypts Files / Folders and Text
* Hiding Text Information in Pictures (Steganography)
* Drag and Drop
* Full Activity Log with Auto Save Option
* 14 Day Trial Available


Text can be encrypted and sent as an email directly from Magic Cipher. Only the recipient in possession of the Shared Secret can read the contents. If encrypting a file the encrypted file can be stored or sent in the full knowledge that it’s contents are not visible to anyone without access to Magic Cipher and the Shared Secret.


Magic Cipher supports batch encryption by ‘drag and drop’ to make encryption fast and painless, even when dealing with dozens of files. As Magic Cipher does not require installation you can, for example, copy the Mac, Windows and Linux versions of Magic Cipher to a USB drive along with your encrypted documents and files. Your documents and files are secure, but available *whenever* and *wherever* you require them.


Magic Cipher is available now, starting from $24.95 (USD) for a Single User. Quantity discounts, Corporate or Site Licenses are available. As with all Area51 software, Magic Cipher is available at a considerable discount to Educational and official Charity / Voluntary organizations. Please contact Area51 for further information.


Existing Users of *any version of R10Cipher* can upgrade to Magic Cipher for only $15. Contact Area51 to upgrade. If you have a lifetime license for R10Cipher then you are entitled to Magic Cipher free of charge.


Trial Versions:
14 Day Trial Versions can be downloaded from the Area51 website.


Coming Soon:
A new tool to keep your Encryption Key databases in sync across your organization or campus. This allows for corporate control and synchronization over all Shared Secrets, should that suit your requirements.