Indie Developer Mary Shaw Releases Animated Valentine’s Day Stickers

First-time independent developer, Mary Shaw today is proud to announce the release of Candy Hearts – Animated Valentine Stickers 1.0 on the iMessage App Store. Similar to traditional Valentine conversation candies, each colorful Candy Heart sticker has its own message plus a playful animated heartbeat. Stickers include familiar Valentine’s Day greetings such as “Hug Me,” “Be Mine,” “So Fine,” “Luv U” and more. Users will also see common text message phrases such as “LOL,” “BRB,” and “BFF.”


iMessage stickers allow users to send stickers as separate messages or virtually “peel and stick” them on top of other messages. When Candy Heart stickers start to stack up in a message thread, all the hearts beat simultaneously.


Candy Hearts is Ms. Shaw’s first entry into the App Store as a developer. “I’ve wanted to learn iOS development for years but was always intimidated by the process,” she said. “Making sticker packs for iMessage is relatively straightforward and a great introduction to Apple’s Xcode.”


Candy Hearts – Animated Valentine Stickers 1.0 is available for $0.99 (USD) through the iMessage App Store in the Stickers category. Developer Mary Shaw is available for comment.

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