Magic Cipher – The True Cross Platform Encryption Product


Area51 Limited have released the long awaited update to R10Cipher. Magic Cipher takes text / files / folder or images and encrypts them using 384 bit Blowfish encryption. Simple but powerful true Cross Platform Encryption tool for macOS, Windows and Linux.

Magic Cipher - The True Cross Platform Encryption Product

One price gets you the license for all supported platforms. True Drag and Drop Encryption, Shared Secret Generator with Strength Meter, Onscreen Virtual Keyboard, File and Folder Compression, Image Watermarks etc. Magic Cipher is primarily designed to enable the secure exchange of information between one or more individuals. As a peer to peer(s) encryption tool Magic Cipher excels.


Benefits Include:
* Simple, Easy to Use
* No Installation Necessary
* Runs from a USB Drive if Required
* Keyboard Shortcuts
* Lightweight – No Installation Necessary
* Encrypt on one Operating System, Decrypt on another
* No System Alterations
* Flexible Licensing Options


Features Include:
* Cross Platform, macOS, Windows 7/8/10, Linux
* Fast / Secure 384 Bit Blowfish Encryption
* Encrypts Files / Folders and Text
* Hiding Text Information in Pictures (Steganography)
* Drag and Drop
* Full Activity Log with Auto Save Option
* 14 Day Trial Available


Text can be encrypted and sent as an email directly from Magic Cipher. Only the recipient in possession of the Shared Secret can read the contents. If encrypting a file the encrypted file can be stored or sent in the full knowledge that it’s contents are not visible to anyone without access to Magic Cipher and the Shared Secret.


Magic Cipher supports batch encryption by ‘drag and drop’ to make encryption fast and painless, even when dealing with dozens of files. As Magic Cipher does not require installation you can, for example, copy the Mac, Windows and Linux versions of Magic Cipher to a USB drive along with your encrypted documents and files. Your documents and files are secure, but available *whenever* and *wherever* you require them.


Magic Cipher is available now, starting from $24.95 (USD) for a Single User. Quantity discounts, Corporate or Site Licenses are available. As with all Area51 software, Magic Cipher is available at a considerable discount to Educational and official Charity / Voluntary organizations. Please contact Area51 for further information.


Existing Users of *any version of R10Cipher* can upgrade to Magic Cipher for only $15. Contact Area51 to upgrade. If you have a lifetime license for R10Cipher then you are entitled to Magic Cipher free of charge.


Trial Versions:
14 Day Trial Versions can be downloaded from the Area51 website.


Coming Soon:
A new tool to keep your Encryption Key databases in sync across your organization or campus. This allows for corporate control and synchronization over all Shared Secrets, should that suit your requirements.

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